Holiday X Cess...

It's still the taint of the holiday season...not Christmas, not New Year...so let's have us a perineum party of excess and abandon! The Christ Child has gone home with His mother, leaving us all the goodies with which to make utterly merry. Here's to the end of 2007 and a faneffintastic 2008!

Robert Mitchum- What's This Generation Coming To? - Scamp, Passport to Excitement (VA)
Dave Harris - Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals - REsearch: Incredibly Strange Music, Vol. I (VA)
Voltaire - Cannibal Buffet - Ooky Spooky*
Bryan Ferry - Just One of Those Things - As Time Goes By
Iggy Pop - Eat or Be Eaten - Zombie Birdhouse
Radio Birdman - Hungry Cannibals - 7" single
Patti Smith - Summer Cannibals - Gone Again
Harvey Sid Fisher - Capricorn - Astrology Songs
The Bellrays - All I Want to Do Is Shag for Christmas - A Bellrays Christmas
The Beatles - Savoy Truffle - The White Album
Rev. Horton Heat - Couch Surfing - Space Heater
MC5 - I Can Only Give You Everything - The Big Bang! Best of the MC5
Flipper - If I Can't Drink - Blow'n Chunks
Eugene Chadbourne - Let 'Em Drink While They're Young - Studio Animals: Tape Number Four: The Album
Rev. Horton Heat - Baby, I'm Drunk - Space Heater
Original Film Cast - Music in Your Soup - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs soundtrack
Negativland - Piece of Pie - No Business
Negativland - Favorite Things - No Business
Negativland - Truth in Advertising - Keep Left: A Benefit for David Barsamian (VA)
The Firesign Theatre - A Mighty Hotdog Is Our Lord - Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers (Q)
Leslie Hall - Shazam I'm Glamorous - Door Man's Daughter
Robin Renee - Triumph of the Will - Not Necessarily Beautiful but Mutated Vol. VI (VA)
The 180 Gs - Christianity Is Stupid - 180 D'Gs to the Future!*
Gangster Fun - Brown Paper Bag - Time Flies When You're Gangster Fun
Meat Beat Manifesto - Acid Again - Acid Again EP
Amy Winehouse - Rehab - Back to Black
Bongwater - Folk Song - The Power of Pussy
Hour of Slack #1130

* = New release
(R) = Request
(Q) = Question, comment, or concern from the listening public
(VA) = Various artists compilation


Let Us Wage Our Battle In The War On Christmas

Because even when we celebrate that day, we make Bill O'Riley cry. Cry!
We're too cynical for Christ and too old for Santa, thusly we can be as bad as we want...and we will, oh yes. Oh Yes Indeed.

Attended by Father Angus at the test tubes, and Bad Sister Heidi on the monkey board.

Jimi Hendrix - Little Drummer Boy/Silent Thing/Auld Lang Syne - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Joni Mitchell - River - Blue
Jethro Tull - Christmas Song - Living In The Past
James Brown - Funky Christmas Millennium - James Brown Christmas

Spinal Tap - Christmas With The Devil - Break Like The Wind
The Who - Christmas - Tommy
House of Dummies/Babs - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - On Tape!(Q)
John Thill - Drugs Rain Down On You - Heart of Grime (N)
Soul Coughing - Here Comes Suzy Snowflake - (single)
Galaxie 500 - Listen, The Snow Is Falling - This Is Our Music

Grand Funk Railroad - Paranoid - Live

John Waters - 3,6,7,8 - Christmas

Pink Floyd - Matilda Mother - Harry Rag X-mas 2008
The Darkness - Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End) - single

Tom Lerher - A Christmas Carol - An Evening With...

Zappa - Gregory Peccary - Studio Tan

Subgenius - HOS #1129

* = New release
(R) = Request
(Q) = Question, comment, or concern from the listening public
(VA) = Various artists compilation


Snow Makes Us Happy.

This evening finds us rocking in a garagey/funky/sleazy/festive way. Won't you join us? Be careful though! Don't slip on the puddle of lube and hash oil on your way in or you might fall on an amplifier. Or a hooker.

Ike and Tina Turner
- It's Gonna Work Out Fine - The Ike & Tina Story 1960-1975*
Talking Heads - Who Is It? - Talking Heads '77
Blondie - Hanging on the Telephone - The Best of Blondie
Robin Trower - Too Rolling Stoned - Bridge of Sighs
Dungen - Gor Det Nu - Tio Bitar
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - The Likes of You - Baby 81 Sessions*
Ike and Tina Turner - Gimme Some Lovin/Sweet Soul Music - The Ike & Tina Story 1960-1975*
The Dirtbombs - If You Can Want - Electroglide in Black
The Dirtbombs - Wreck My Flow - We Have You Surrounded*
The Cynics - I Got Time - Living Is the Best Revenge
The Black Lips - Transcendental Light - Good Bad Not Evil*
Giantess - Saturday Night - Giantess*
SSM - Sick - SSM

New Diskses at Nine
Breakup Society - tracks 1, 5, 7 - Nobody Likes a Winner*
Bolt Upright - tracks 3, 4, 5, - Patriot Act*

Mad Trucker Gone Mad -
Billions - Live on Charlie Don't Surf, 2/24/2006
Awesome Snakes - Shut Up! - Venom
Jerry Lee Lewis - Hand Me Down My Walking Cane - A Half Century of Hits
Jerry Lee Lewis - Breathless - A Half Century of Hits
Beck - Broken Train - Midnight Vultures

Hour of Slack #1114

* = New release
(R) = Request
(Q) = Question, comment, or concern from the listening public
(VA) = Various artists compilation


Snowed in...all we can do is PARTY.

'Tis December and the weather gods have not failed to notice this shift in the calendar. Everything is swathed in a blanket of purest white, like the Christ Child in a manger, and we are the goats and sheep who look on in reverence as He sprouts horns and spits fire from His mouths.

Be all that as it may, and it is, tonight Bad Sister Heidi and Father Angus shall essay to bring you happy funtime party music. Keep in mind that our idea of a happy funtime might not be yours...at first.

Os Mutantes - Le Premier Bonheur du Jour - Barbican Theatre, London, 2006
XTC - Snowman - English Settlement
Meredith Bragg - My Absent Will - Silver Sonya
Ariel Pink - Howling at the Moon - Scared Famous
Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities - Like It or Not - Lucas
Madness - Michael Caine - Divine Madness
The Shadows - Scotch on the Socks - Cigarettes and Alcohol (MOJO compilation)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - The Likes of You - American X: Baby 81 Sessions
Shock Headed Peters - Bethlehem Steel Ill-Will - Tendercide
The Sword - The Immigrant Song - EP single
Ike and Tina Turner - Whole Lotta Love - from YouTube (yeah, we know, whatever)
The Fall - Telephone Thing - 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong
Les Claypool - Back Off, Turkey - Of Whales and Woe

New Disks at Nine
The Dragons - tracks 4, 6, 10 - BFI
Lick Lick - tracks 1, 4, 9 - Lick Lick
Buck 65 - tracks - Situation

No Means No - 'Til I Die - All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt
The Directive - Whip It - Not Necessarily Beautiful but Mutated, Vol. VI
Carbon/Silicon - The Whole Truth - The Last Post
Hopewell - All Angels Road - Beautiful Targets

Hour of Slack #1028


Yay! Thanks(blarch)taking!

Today everyone celebrates the fact that when whites were the illegal immigrants, we had worse diseases and the locals foolishly helped us survive. Oh well, at least the Macy's parade has started making it seem like the native americans were HAPPY to help us move them off their land. At Psychoacoustics we celebrate the grand tradition of taking off your turkey stuffed pants and dancing like a maniac to Work That Turkey Off! Mmmmm...gluttony and sloth, my favorite of the deadly sins....which also means, no links!

World Inferno Friendship Society - Peter Lorre's Overture - Addicted to Bad Ideas
Jeff Flaster - My Fat Cat - Still Time
Primus - Tommy the Cat - Sailing the Seas of Cheese
Reverend Horton Heat - Party In Your Head - Spend a Night in the Box
The Budos Band - Scorpion - II
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - Keep On Looking - 100 Days 100 Nights
Ned Gerblansky
Polysics - Electric Surfin' Go Go - Polysics or Die!!! Vista
Polysics - My Sharona - Polysics or Die!!! Vista
Einsturzende Neubaten - Lets Do It A Dada - Allies Weideroffen
Devo - Pink Pussycat - Duty Now For The Future
The Android Sisters - The FCC, Whee - Pull No Punches
Dr. Eugene Chadbourne - Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag - Corpses of Foreign Wars

ND@9 =
The Pine Hill Haints - 1,8,9 - Ghost Dance
Carbon /Silicon - 1,3,6 - The Last Post

The Go! Team - Grip Like A Vice - S/T
Os Mutantes -A Hora e a Vez do Cabelo Crescer - Live - Barbican Theatre, London, 2006
Angles of Light - Black River Song - We Are Him
Joy Division - She's Lost Control - Unknown Pleasures
Carbon/Silicon - What The F***? - The Last Post

HOS #1127


Another week, more for you freeks

I, Father Angus, am principally overseeing this week's experiment in the intersection of intentionally ordered sound waves and brain waves as mediated through the courtesy of radio waves...

Pentangle - No Love Is Sorrow - Solomon's Seal
Brian Jonestown Massacre - I've Been Waiting - Strung Out in Heaven
Lungfish - Fearfully and Wonderfully - Love Is Love
Donovan - Whirlwind - Beat Cafe
Thurston Moore - Frozen Gtr - Trees Outside the Academy
Grizzly Bear - Alligator (Choir Version) - Friend EP
David Bowie - All the Madmen - The Man Who Sold the World
Acid King - 39 Lashes - Busse Woods
Boris w/ Michio Kurihara - Sweet No. 1 - Rainbow
Blue Cheer - Just a Little Bit (Redux) - What Doesn't Kill You...

New Disks at Nine
Six Organs of Admittance - tracks 1, 4, 7 - Shelter from the Ash
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - tracks 2, 4, 6 - Scared Famous
Electric Wizard - tracks 2, 3, 4 - Witchcult Today

Golden Death Music - Lost in Violence - Ephemera Blues
High on Fire - Cyclopian Scape - Death Is This Communion
Hour of Slack #1123


This evening's dose of FUNGK.

This evening, valued listeners, we Psychoacousticians will endeavor to bring you funky (and trippy) joy. Please relax, accept, and then jump up and down SCREAMING! S C R E A M I N G ! ! !

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On) - Raising Sand
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Am the Cool... - Best of the Bizarre Sessions 1990-1994
Soul Merchants - track 2 - 1985-1987
Bob Dylan (w/ Mark Ronson) - Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine - promo CD single
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Up Around the Bend - Kurt Cobain: About a Son soundtrack
John Fogerty - Creedence Song - Revival
Chuck Berry - Brown-Eyed Handsome Man - The Great Twenty-Eight
The Midwest Beat - Girl Gone West - The Midwest Beat
Fat Back - The Booty - Night Fever
Rita - Erotica - Bite It!
André Williams - I'm Not Worthy - Aphrodisiac
James Taylor Quartet featuring Donna Gardier - Come See about Me - Don't Mess with Mr. T

New Disks at Nine
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - tracks 1, 9 - 100 Days, 100 Nights
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - You're Gonna Get It - Good Luck Chuck
The 180-Gs -
tracks 1, 6, 9 - 180 D'gs to the Future
Negativland -tracks 3, 4, 5 - Big 10-8 Place

Betty Davis - He Was a Big Freak - They Say I'm Different
The Dirtbombs - Kung Fu - Ultraglide in Black
Blue Cheer - Piece o' the Pie -
What Doesn't Kill You...
The Meat Puppets - Liquified - Mirage
The 180-Gs - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - 180 D'gs to the Future
The Hour of Slack #1124


We Hear Dead People...

This evening's Halloween edition of Psychoacoustics brings you the spectral stylings of our fallen rock'n'roll comrades. Everything we play for you this evening is at least partially the work of someone who once walked the earth as we do but who has now passed unto dust.

Having just typed that rather sepulchral sentence, we Psychoacousticians, and WORT-FM, would like to thank all of you who pledged during our Manual Transmission fundraising extravaganza! We had a record-breaking response, which will do much to keep us on the air freaking out the squares.

Joe Strummer - Silver and Gold - Streetcore
Joe Strummer - Freedom Song - Streetcore
T. Rex - Life's a Gas - Electric Warrior
Morphine - The Other Side - Good
The Replacements - Here Comes a Regular - Farewell Dinner
Jimi Hendrix - Villanova Junction - Jimi at Woodstock
Psychic TV - Roman P - Hex Sex
Pink Floyd - Pow r To ch. - Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Love - A House Is Not a Hotel - Forever Changes
Lenny Bruce - Blah Blah Blah - To Is a Preposition; Come Is a Verb
Canned Heat - Bullfrog Blues - The Very Best of Canned Heat
Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Put a Spell on You - Chronicle
Janis Joplin - Kozmic Blues - I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Some Velvet Morning - Movin with Nancy
George Harrison - Art of Dying - All Things Must Pass
The Beatles - I Dig a Pony - Let It Be
Rolling Stones - 2,000 Light-Years from Home - Their Satanic Majesty's Request
Queen - Death on Two Legs - A Night at the Opera
Ian Dury - Sweet Jean Vincent - Sex 'n' Drugs 'n' Rock 'n' Roll
The Red Hot Chili Peppers - Behind the Sun - The Uplift Mofo Party Plan
Badfinger - I'd Die, Babe - Straight Up
MC5 - American Rose - The Big Bang: The Best of MC5
The Minutemen - Little Man with a Gun in His Hand - Ballot Result
Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day - The Song Remains the Same
The Sex Pistols featuring none other than Sid Vicious - My Way - The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle
The Hour of Slack #1122

gaol. salamanca.



Tonight we bring you NOTHING but the music of WEEN in the hopes that you will PLEDGE to WORT and HELP us stop TYPING randomly IN capital LETTERS!! WEEN! WEEEEEEEEEN!!!

Seriously, WORT-FM relies on you listeners for its financial support, so saddle up! You can go to www.wort-fm.org and click on the ever-so-handy pink pig to pledge online, or you can call us at (608) 256-2001--or (866) 899-9678 if you want to call toll free.

And now...the WEEN. After 10pm we shall play a little bit of non-WEEN stuff--such as a particularly seditious excerpt from The Hour of Slack--but until then, everything on our playlist may be safely assumed to be by none other than WEEN. 'kay?

Pollo Asado - The Pod
Roses Are Free - Chocolate and Cheese
Japanese Cowboy - 12 Country Greats
So Many People in the Neighborhood - Quebec
Up On the Hill - Godweensatan
Never Squeal - Godweensatan
Captain Fantasy - Live at Stubb's
Big Jilm - Pure Guava
The Grobe - Live in Chicago
Mutilated Lips - The Mollusk
Squelch the Weasel - Live at Stubb's
I Got to Put the Hammer Down - Friends
tracks 4, 8, 9 - La Cucaracha
Mr. Richard Smoker - Painting the Town Brown
Cover It in Gas and Set It on Fire - Painting the Town Brown
How High Can You Fly? - Shinola
Zoloft - Quebec
Don't Get Too Close to My Fantasy - Pure Guava
Molly - The Pod
Tried and True - All Request Live
Reggaejunkiejew - Pure Guava
Hot for Teacher - Live at Stubb's

...and now...

Hour of Slack

...and NOW...

Ween - Light Me Up - Friends

...AND NOW...

Hour of Slack #1110 - Mockery and Perversion


Hey maaaaan, got any dough?

Because it's time to PAY THE PSYCHOS! We mean it. Without YOUR monetary pledges the station would not exist and as a result, there would be NO SHOW! Now, maybe you want to save your pennies for to pledge to the Psychoacoustics ALL WEEN SPECIAL SPECTACULAR PLEDGE SPECIAL WEEN, but remember, we only have a couple pairs...do you think you really have a chance of getting those? We'd say no, but we are pessimists...and want to go into the special without the burdensome worry of "Now we have to beg extra hard to make up for last week", because that would bum us out. So pledge, because you are good and already have your Ween tickets and want to make your Psychos happy, and not sad and worried.

Electric Wizard - Mountains of Mars - Electric Lizard
Devendra Banhart - Bad Girl - Smokey Rolls Down Thunder
Ella Fitzgerald - When I Get Low I Get High - Reefer Madness
180G's - Christianity is Stupid - 180D-Gs To The Future
The Who - Long Live Rock - Odds and Sods
Uriah Heap - Travelin' In Time - Demons and Wizards
Mike Watt - Burnin' for Years - Guilt By Allocation
Queen - I'm In Love With My Car - A Night At The Opera
Zolar X - tr. 1& 2 - X Marks The Spot
Boris - Starship Narrator - Rainbow
Baby Elephant - How Does The Brain Wave? - Turn My Teeth Up
The Groovers - Groovy - Bite It
Georga White - If I Can't Sell It, I'll Keep Sittin' On It - Copulating Blues
Fab - Orgasm Blues - Bite It
Andre Williams - Do You Remember? - Aphrodisiac
Blondie - Ex-offender - S/T
Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict - Singles Going Steady
The Stooges - Loose - Fun House
Hawkwind - Sonic Attack - Space Ritual
Meat Puppets - Confusion Fog - Mirage
Bruce Haack - Turn To Me Electric - The Electric Lucifer
Cealed Kasket - Riot Party - Penetration
Faghat - Faghat Land - The Future

Subgenius - Various HOS




Brian Jonestown Massacre
- Sailor - Tepid Peppermint Wonderland
Qui - Echoes - Loud Miracle
Electric 6 - tracks 1 & 2 - I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master
Black Lips - Lock And Key - Good Bad Not Evil
The Kinks - Who Will Be The Next In Line? - Greatest Hits
Zolar X - Hyperspace Drive - X Marks The Spot
Turbonegro - I Wanna Come - Retox
The Cynics - The Ring - Here We Are
The Dilettantes - tracks 3 & 12 - 101 Tambourines
Nice Peter - Cover Bands - promo

John Fogerty - 7,8,10 - Revival
Radio Massacre International - 4,5,6 - Rain Falls In Grey
Baby Elephant Walk - 12, 15 - Turn My Teeth Up

Ween - I Gotta Put The Hammer Down - Friends EP
Peelander Z - tracks 4 & 8 - Happee Mama

Subgenius - HOS #1117


Love Is Love

Tonight's experiment is conducted by Father Angus, who has once again been left to his own devices--shiny, gleaming devices studded with buttons and knobs. Bad Sister Heidi and the Reverend Velveteen are off enjoying the Andrew Bird show, but they'll be back next week in full force. Don't you think otherwise for a second...

Bruce Haack - Supernova - The Electric Lucifer
Lungfish - This World - Love Is Love
Don Redman - Reefer Man - Reefer Madness
Ween - Slow Down Boy - Friends

Dungen - Mon Amour - Tio Bitar
Neurosis - Hidden Faces - Given To The Rising
Turbonegro - Hell Toupée - Retox
Zolar X - Plutonian Marmalade - X Marks The Spot

Hawkwind - Ten Seconds of Forever - Space Ritual
Hawkwind - Brain Storm - Space Ritual

Yes - Sound Chaser - Relayer
Yes - To Be Over - Relayer

Genesis - Supper's Ready - Genesis Archive 1967-75

The Hour of Slack #1116


Tropical Fall...or fall from the tropics?

This evening's experiment, facilitated by all three members of the collective, will feature an interview (again!), this time with the charming and talented members of Brazzaville. And then the music. The music! Always with the music. Lots and lots of freakin' music. You freaks.

Animal Collective
- Unsolved Mysteries - Strawberry Jam
The World Inferno/Friendship Society - Cathy Catherine - Addicted to Bad Ideas
Dead Meadow - Ain't Got Nothing - Intended Play 2007
Brazzaville - Super Gizi - Somnambulista
Brazzaville - Foreign Disaster Days - Somnambulista
Brazzaville - Star Called Sun - East LA Breeze
Cougar - Strict Scrutiny - Law
Pale Young Gentlemen - Clap Your Hands - Pale Young Gentlemen

New Disks at Nine:
Black Lips - tracks 1, 6, 12 - Good Bad Not Evil
The Stabilisers - tracks 1, 5, 7 - Wanna Do the Wild Plastic Brane Love Thang?

The Gut Reactions - P's - The Gut Reactions
The Arge - Crawl - The Arge
Shazy Hade - Daniel X - Angel Marie Mexico
Ouija Radio - Red Eye Fly - Oh No...Yes Yes!
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Berlin - Baby 81
Zolar X - I'm Plugged In - X Marks the Spot
Harvey Sid Fisher - Virgo - Astrology Songs
Hour of Slack #1114


Reefer! Madness! Reefer Madness!!

This evening's experiment falls under the power of Bad Sister Heidi, who is using her bully pulpit to extol the virtues of the upcoming Madison run of Reefer Madness: The Musical. We will be interviewing some folks from Mercury Players Theater, who are putting on this fine, not-to-be-missed-but-definitely-to-be-spliffed show, and the music we play this evening shall, needless to say, reflect the themes of reefer and/or madness. Father Angus and Reverend Velveteen are in the house and serving as acolytes for this particular High Mass.

Talking Heads - Drugs - Fear of Music
The Bermuda Jam - Good Trip Lollipop - Turds on a Bum Ride
Easy Star All-Stars - Brain Damage - Dub Side of the Moon
Bruce Haack - Word Games - The Electric Lucifer
The Rolling Stones - Stoned - The Singles Collection
Los Angeles Cast of Reefer Madness: The Musical - Reefer Madness - soundtrack recording
Los Angeles Cast of Reefer Madness: The Musical - Listen to Jesus, Jimmy - soundtrack recording
Los Angeles Cast of Reefer Madness: The Musical - Little Mary Sunshine - soundtrack recording
Donovan - Superlungs - Troubador
The Donnas - Do You Wanna Hit It? - Turn 21
Ouija Radio - Journey to the Center of the Mind - 7" vinyl single

New Disks @ Nine:
Zolar X - tracks 2, 5, 9 - X Marks the Spot
Parts and Labor - tracks 4, 8, 11 - Mapmaker

Ari Barker, Doug Benson & Tony Camin - Alleged Side Effects -
The Marijuana-Logues
The Boggs - Melanie in the White Coat - The Boggs
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Beatle Bones and Smokin' Stones - The Mirror Man Sessions
Ariel Pink - Higher and Higher - House Arrest
Rasputin's Stash - Mr. Cool - What It Is
Dan Deacon - Wooody Wooodpecker - Spiderman of the Rings
Hour of Slack # 1113


Your magic number is up.

Tonight finds the Rev. Velveteen in charge, and she hath decreed that the theme for this evening is MAGIC NUMBERS. That is right. Numbers that are magical. Numbers possessed of unfathomable occult powers. Numbers you can roll and smoke. For example:

Rufus Wainwright - 11:11 - Want One
Andrew Bird - 11:11 - Three Hours - The Swimming Hour
Nick Drake - Three Hours - Five Leaves Left
Temple City Kazoo Orchestra - 2001 Sprach Kazoostra - Some Kazoos
Love - 7 and 7 Is - Nuggets (Vol. II)
Billy Nayer Show - 7 - Billy Nayer Show
The High Numbers - Zoot Suit - Quadrophenia soundtrack
King Crimson - Three of a Perfect Pair - Three of a Perfect Pair
Imperial Teen - Twenty-First Century - The Hair, the TV, the Baby, and the Band
INXS - 1 x 1 - Listen Like Thieves
Aesop Rock - Five Fingers - None Shall Pass
De La Soul - The Magic Number - Three Feet High and Rising
Jimi Hendrix - If 6 Were 9 - Axis: Bold as Love

New Disk at Nine:
Numbers - tracks 3,4,8 -
Now You Are This

9,9,9 - Public Enemy #1 - Concrete
Alice Cooper - Public Animal #9 -
School's Out
SSM - 2012 - SSM
Clinic - The Majestic #2 - Winchester Cathedral
Throbbing Gristle - Six Six Sixties - Greatest Hits
The New Duncan Imperials - Motel 666 -
Greatest Hits
Knuckel Drager - 1666 - Slam Bang Showdown
Boris w/Michio Kurihara - Sweet No. 1 - Rainbow
The Klaxons - Four Horsemen of 2012 - Myths of the Near Future
Killdozer - Space 1999 - The Last Waltz
Bang Lime - Free White & 21 - Best Friends in Love
Hour of Slack #1111

23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23

Gaol. Salamanca.


Possessed by voodoo-practicing faux gays with musical talent...

We (being Father Angus and Rev. Velveteen) are focusing on three themes tonight:

1. Possession (as in spirit/divine possession)
2. Voodoo/Santería/hoodoo/witchcraft
3. Musicians who produce gay (or very gay) music but aren't themselves gay, necessarily.


Your Mom - What Possesses You - Royal Jelly
Crowded House - I Feel Possessed - Temple of Low Men
John Malkovich - Malkovich Masterpiece Remix - Being John Malkovich soundtrack
Peter Gabriel - The Rhythm of the Heat - Peter Gabriel (fourth solo album)
Nina Hagen - Antiworld - Nunsexmonkrock
Patti Smith - Within You Without You - Twelve
The Vapors - Turning Japanese - New Clear Days
David Byrne & Brian Eno - The Jezebel Spirit - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
Dr. John - Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya-Ya - Gris-Gris

New Disks at Nine
Mark Ronson - tracks 1,3,11 - Version

Faghat - Easy Life - The Future Is Coming
Ween - Slow Down Boy - Friends
Evening Service - The Bible Says - from the Internet
The Smiths - Handsome Devil - Hatful of Hollow
T.Rex - Twentieth Century Boy - T. Rexstasy
The Frogs - Homos - It's Only Right and Natural
Turbonegro - I Wanna Come - Retox
King Missile - Gay/Not Gay - King Missile III
Hour of Slack #1110



This evening's experiment, facilitated by Father Angus and Bad Sister Heidi while Rev. Velveteen fraternizes and/or sororizes with pagan heathens in the North Woods, has one big goal in mind: freaking out the squares. It's easy and fun!! Come join us and initiate the Third American Revolution by making the personal political and throwing a big, smirking monkeywrench into the evil works of modern society. You'll be glad you did.

No Futuro - Driving Miss Mary Jane - No Futuro
Bruce Haack - National Anthem to the Moon - Electric Lucifer
DJ Pantshead - Nastier - Weapon of Ass Destruction
The Animated Egg - Sock It My Way - Bum Ride Vol. I
Yoko Ono w/Jason Pierce - Walking on Thin Ice - Yes, I Am a Witch
Boris w/Michio Kurihara - Starship Narrator - Rainbow
Betty Davis - Walkin Up the Road - Betty Davis
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Neon Meate Dream of A Octofish - Trout Mask Replica
Negativland - Penis and Sperm - Sex Dirt
Alice Cooper - I Love the Dead - Billion Dollar Babies
Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains - The Big Eyeball in the Sky - Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains
Wolf & Cub - Vessels - Vessels

New Disks at Nine
Ween - tracks 1, 2, 3 - Friends EP
Turbonegro - tracks 3, 7, 9 - Retox

Von Sudenfed - Serious Brain Skin - Tromatic Reflexxion
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet - Freak Out
Ariel Pink - Higher and Higher - House Arrest
Hour of Slack #1109