Are you down with the sickness?

Who knows? Not we. Anyway, tonights experiment is without hypothesis, thusly there will be no theory at the end. It is attended by all members of the cooperative.

Mason Jennings - Gentle Hammer - Boneclouds
Radiohead - Subterranean Homesick Alien - OK Computer
Shaw - Sluts On Parade - Under The Radar, Vol.1
Ursula 1000 - Mirkin The Mystic - Here Comes Tomorrow
The Gomers - Sulu (a love song) - Sofa King Good
Scag 48 - Scag 48 - single
Les Claypool - Iowan Girl - Of Whales and Woe
Southern Culture on the Skids - Bananna Pudding - Doublewide Live
Demolition Doll Rods - Open Your Door - There Is a Difference
Black Mountain - Behind The Fall - Invaders
The Magic Band - Dropout Boogie - All Tomorrows Parties 3.1
The Runaways - Born to Be Bad - Born to be Bad

ND's@9 =
The Lovely Feathers - 6,11,12 - Hind Hind Legs
The Black Keys - 1,2,4 - Chulahoma
Serena-Maneesh - 3,4,5 - S/T

Gnarls Barkley - Gone Daddy Gone - St. Elsewhere
Desert Sessions 9 - Girl Like Me - I See You Hearing Me
Dixie Witch - .....ahhhh...misplaced the playlist...back to fix this later.


Today, it is a day.

Not too much to say. No theme for the experiment, Reverend Velveteen at the controls. Father Angus is home, airing his dirty laundry. Your Girl Friday tapping on the monkey board played by Bad Sister Heidi.

Jolie Holland
- Springtime Can Kill You - Springtime Can Kill You
Elvis Costello and Allan Toussaint - On Your Way Down - The River in Reverse
Sondre Lerche - Human Hands - Duper Sessions
Elvish Costello - High Fidelity - Get Happy!
TBone Burnett - Zombieland - Art of the State
TBone Burnett - Palestine Texas - Art of the State
Shane McGowan and the Popes - Cracklin' Rosie - Forever Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond - Thank The Lord for the Night Time - Early Classics
Cat Power & Karen Elson - I Love You (me either) - Selections from Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited
Thievery Corporation - This Is Not A Love Song - Versions
Thievery Corporation - Strange Days - Versions
Rapture Riders - Blondie Vs. The Doors - Greatest Hits: Sound & Vision

ND's@9 =
Charlemagne - Crushes - Under The Radar, Vol. 1
New Recruits - Previously Android - Under The Radar, Vol. 1
Super Eights - South of Alaska - Under The Radar, Vol. 1

Mission of Burma - 3,6,14 - The Obliterati

Awesome Car Funmaker
- 4,3- Of Lovers and Monsters

Les Claypool - Phantom Patriot - Of Whales & Woe
Pirates 'r' Us - KYAR Pirate Radio - Songs of Modern Piracy
Sonic Youth - Simpsons Theme - All Tomorrow's Parties 3.1
The Stooges - Fun House - All Tomorrow's Parties 3.1
Neil Young - Let's Impeach the President - Living With War

Church of the Subgenius - HOS #1045


It May Be May...Oh, Yes, It May.

The Reverend Velveteen is off on an unaccountable adventure, leaving Fr. Angus and Bad Sister Heidi to run amok in the station!! Nude dancing! Open liquor! Dangling participles! It's a shocking display; thank goodness you can't see it but only hear it.

Brian Jonestown Massacre - Starcleaner - ...And This Is Our Music
Kimya Dawson - I Like Giants - Remember That We Love You
Elf Power - Come Lie Down with Me - Back to the Web
The Tinklers - Tools of Caution - Crash
The Byrds - Thoughts and Words - Younger than Yesterday
Trans Am - Uninvited Guest - Liberation
Trans Am - Washington, DC - Liberation
Nicky Click - Don't Call Me Baby (Clean Radio Edit) - You're Already a Member
Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Ain't That a Bitch - Best of the Funk Years
The Stranglers - Walk On By - Greatest Hits '77-'90
Jorge Ben - Umbabauruma - Beleza Tropical
The Partisans - Money Changes Everything - The Gothic and the Gospel
The Window Smashers - A Decent Girl - Saviors of Rock
The Fall - Boxoctosis Alarum - Interim
Foresake Ya to the Snakes - Hot Spells in Dance Halls - Foresake Ya to the Snakes
Peeping Tom - Cuts 1, 2, and 8 - Peeping Tom
Black Mountain - Behind the Fall - Invaders
Dungen - Christopher - Invaders
Witch - Rip Van Winkle - Invaders
Leon Russell - Roller Derby - Carney
The Cramps - Blow Up Your Mind - Look, Mom, No Head
Hawkwind - Master of the Universe - Live '79
Gibby Haynes - Charlie - Gibby Haynes and His Problem
Evolution Control Committee - cuts 10 and 11 - Ritalin Ruckus
Rinôçérôse - Metal Mental Dub - Rinôçérôse
Hour of Slack #1041


Flaming Lips Need Balm!

Tonight we are experimenting on The Flaming Lips. All selections are by The Flaming Lips, and that's all we're playing. The experiment was attended by Bad Sister Heidi and special expert testimony from resident specialist Rick.
Life on Mars - This Here Giraffe/Peel Sessions
Take Me To Mars - In A Priest Driven Ambulance
Bad Days - Clouds Taste Metallic
The Gash - The Soft Bulletin
Slow Nerve Action - Transmissions From The Satellite Heart
Jets Pt. 2 - Providing Needles For Your Balloons
Chrome Plated Suicide - Telepathic Surgery
The Magician Vs. The Headache - Hit To Death In The Future Head
God Walks Among Us Now - In A Priest Driven Ambulance
Christmas At The Zoo - Clouds Taste Metallic
Put The Waterbug In The Policeman's Ear - Providing Needles For Your Balloons

ND@9 = 1,2,5,6,7,9,11 - At War With The Mystics

Okay, I'll Admit I Really Don't Understand - Zaireeka
Riding To Work In The Year 2025 - Zaireeka
Chewin' The Apple Of Your Eye - Transmissions Of The Satellite Heart
Halloween On The Barbary Coast - Hit To Death In The Futurehead
The W.A.N.D. - At War With The Mystics
The Southern Oklahoma Cosmic Trigger Contest - The Southern Oklahoma Cosmic Trigger Contest
Church of the Subgenius - Hour Of Slack #1044