This is not the Angus you're looking for...

All one! ALL ONE! We are on in a double studio stylee! All members of the collective participated in tonight's experiment, which was themeless.

Hey, the deadline for voting for who you think is Madison's Best has been extended until June 26th at 9 am. Maybe you could click here and let 'em know about your favorite Madison stuff and thangs and stuff like this radio experiment, Psychoacoustics. Of course your favorite radio station must be WORT 89.9 FM, because they have the class to allow a quality collective experiment on the airwaves.

Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs
- Sunday Afternoon - Under the Covers, Vol. 1
High Pink Clouds - The Australian Girl - S/T
Ben Folds Five - Rockin' The Suburbs - Over the Hedge soundtrack
Ben Folds Five - Lost in the Supermarket - Over the Hedge soundtrack
Calexico - Guns of Brixton - Garden Ruin
Butthole Surfers - Hey - PCPPEP
Beatallica - Garage Dayz Night - A Garage Dayz Night
Beastie Boys - Root Down - Ill Communication
The Stills - Oh Shoplifter - Without Feathers
The Stills - She's Walking Out - Without Feathers
Nina Simone - Ain't Got No/I Got Life - Forever Young, Gifted and Black

Wire - 3, 4, 21 - Pink Flag


Something we made up...of long, long songs. That are long.

Tonight, with Fr. Angus at the helm, you know what to expect -- pre- and post-prog psychedelia, and tonight some longer songs from the depths of his collection. You never know, but we might even break down and go all 'Inn-a-Gadda-da-Vida' on your asses.

Negativland - My Favorite Things - No Business
Elf Power - An Old Familiar Scene - Back to the Web
Genesis - Stagnation - Trespass
Serena-Maneesh - Beehiver II - Serena-Maneesh
Led Zeppelin - Achilles' Last Stand - Presence
Wire - Reuters - Pink Flag
Vanishing Kids - Shadow of a Doubt - The Selfish Mirror
Acid Mothers Temple - cuts 3, 5, and 6 - Have You Seen the Other Side of the Sky?
Hour of Slack #1050


An Evening at the Beach...on Alpha Centauri

This evening's experiment is principally conducted by Bad Sister Heidi, with Father Angus pitching in when and where needed to complete the circuit and bring the monster to hideous breathing life. The shores are our theme, the beach is our mother, and the sea is full of smiling fish. Join us with them, won't you? Never fear the rip tides. We are the rip tides.

Camera Obscura - Dory Previn - Let's Get Out of the Country
Beck - We Live Again - Mutations
Nouvelle Vague - Making Plans for Nigel - Nouvelle Vague
Captain Yonder - Soon I Will Sail - Captain Yonder
Donovan - Atlantis - Troubador: The Definitive Years, 1964-1976
Andrew Bird - Way Out West - The Swimming Hour
Frank Zappa - Let Me Take You to the Beach - Studio Tan
The Fiery Furnaces - Waiting to Know You - Bitter Tea
The Flaming Lips - Free Radicals - At War with the Mystics
Serena-Maneesh - Sapphire Eyes - Serena-Maneesh
Tom Waits - Such a Scream - Bone Machine
Captain Beefheart - My Human Gets Me Blues - Trout Mask Replica
Les Claypool - cuts 1, 2, 6, 7, 9-12 - Of Whales and Woe
The Lovely Feathers - In the Valley - Hind Hind Legs
Moussa Doumbia - Keleya - Love's a Real Thing: Funky Fuzzy Sounds of West Africa

Andre Williams - I Don't Need Mary (Juana) - Aphrodisiac
Messer Chups - Satan Jeans - Crazy Price
Sonic Youth - Incinerate - "Rather Ripped"
Hour of Slack, a repeat of Hour of Slack #6 (from 1985)


Give it up to us, please.

Please will you consider giving it up to us? By "it" we mean your money.
We need money to help the station run, to help keep us on the air, and you want to do it because it feels so good. Pledge Here Now.

Anyway, this low pressure experiment was attended by all members of the collective. There was no theme, or hypothesis, or purpose other than to pleasure you so much, you are compelled to pledge.

Cornershop - Norwegian Wood - When I Was Born For The Seventh Time
Space Needle - Sun Doesn't Love Me - Remembering 1994-'97
David Bowie - Kooks - Hunky Dory
Those Poor Bastards - They Don't Make Folks Like They Used To - Songs of Desperation
Slim Gaillard & His Middle Europeans - Yip Roc Heresy - The Beat Generation
Thievery Corporation - Strange Days - Versions
Blondie - Raptured Riders: Blondie vs. Doors - Greatest Hits
Wammo - Low Riders on the Storm - Low Riders on the Storm
Death Lurks - Happiness Pie - Brain Candy Soundtrack

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Smell of Incense - S/T
Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen - Remixes
The Window Smashers - A Decent Girl - Saviors Of Rock
Eagles Of Death Metal - Chase The Devil - Death By Sexy
The Hollywood Brats - Sick On You - MOJO presents Trash: The Roots of Punk

ND@9 =
Sonic Youth - 2,8,10 - Rather Ripped

Serena-Maneesh - Candlelighted - S/T
Talking Heads - I Zimbra - The Name Of The Band Is...
Les Claypool - Rumble Of The Diesel - Of Whales And Woe
Dungen - Christopher - Invaders
The Wet Spots - Do You Take It? - Ribbed For Pleasure
Stephen Merritt - What A Fucking Lovely Day? - Showtunes
Screamin' Cyn Cyn & The Pons - Rock Your Body - Babysit
Killdozer - Knuckles The Dog - The Last Waltz
Dub Trio - Not Alone - New Heavy
Negativland - Don't Stop Doing It - Over the Edge Vol. 8 Sex Dirt
Negativland - Shake Your Pants Part 1 - Over the Edge Vol. 8 Sex Dirt

Various HOS - Church of the Subgenius

Special Thanks tonight to:
Marshall Law
Slack will surely flow in abundance, and you deserve it.