Hey, George Bush still is not our President

And that's still nice. Maybe it's the short term memory loss, maybe it's Stockholm Syndrome, whatever it is, I still feel the need to remind myself of that every day. Phew!

Tonight, Father Angus is at the helm of this sonic space ship. At least, tonight I am pretending that the station is a space ship and not a communist/backwoods bunker. It must be my Star Trek-esque shirt. It's red, so I know I'm expendable.

- Celeste - Sunshine Superman
Can - Moonshake - Future Days
Stereohead - Vonal Declosion - Margarine Eclipse
The Banana Splits - In New Orleans - s/t
Vampire Hands - Moscow Flowers/Oil Sea - Virgin Dust American Lips

Pink Floyd
- Scream Thy Last Scream - Compilation CD
Silver Apples - A Pox On You/Love Fingers - s/t
Silver Apples - Oscillations - Contact
Maus Haus - Million Volt Lights - Lark Marvels (n)
Bruce Haack - Tit For Tat - Haackula

Magnificent Bastards
- 7,9,12 - s/t (n)
Vic Chestnutt, Elf Power and the Amorphous Strums - 3,5,7 - Dark Developments (n)
Mad Trucker Gone Mad - Train- s/t

Alice Cooper - Fields of Regret - Pretties For You
Electric Wizard - I, The Witchfinder - Dopethrone

Subgenius - HOS #1053


Last Show in Which We Can Play Anti-Bush Music and Still Have It Be Relevant or Trenchant Show!

Next week at this time, dear friends and valued listeners, we will have a new president. For this we rejoice! But one thing about bad times, political, economic, or what have you, is that they engender artistic creativity. There was SO MUCH great music about the soon-to-be-out-the-door George W. Bush that will cease to be topical as of next Tuesday, and if you listen to this show with any frequency, you know that we've played a bit of it over the last eight years...thus, we present tonight's experiment, presided over by all three of us.

Eugene Chadbourne - Don't Burn the Flag, Let's Burn the Bush - Country Protest
Nashville Session Players - America Never Will - Who Would Jesus Bomb?
Bradley Litwin - Gee Dubya Gotta Go - Protest Records CD 4 (VA)
Holly Go Lightly & The Brokeoffs - Gettin' High for Jesus - Dirt Don't Hurt*

A short-yet-enlightening interview with two members of Shazy Hade then ensued.

The New Recruits - Piano Smashing - Atilla Sex Shock
Negativland - Christianity Is Stupid - Escape from Noise
Alice Cooper - Go to Hell - Go to Hell
Sly and the Family Stone - Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey - Greatest Hits
Mo' Horizons - Hit the Road, Jack - Cover the World (VA)
Todd Snider - Fortunate Son - Peace Queer* (Q)

New Disk @ Nine
Noodle Muffin - tracks 9, 11, 12 - Long Live the Spin: More Regime Change*

Nashville Session Players - Who Would Jesus Bomb? - Who Would Jesus Bomb?
The 180Gs - I Am God - 180 D'Gs to the Future! The Music of Negativland as Performed by the 180Gs
Little Fyodor - I Believe in God - Idiots Are Closer to God

Coconuts - If I Only Had a Brain - Don't Take My Coconuts
Frank Pahl - No Brainers - Songs of War and Peace
The Fleshtones - Pretty Pretty Pretty - Beachhead
The Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols

Noodle Muffin - hidden track 20 - Long Live the Spin: More Regime Change*
Peaches - Impeach My Bush - Impeach My Bush
Public Enemy - Son of a Bush - Peace Not War (VA)
King Missile - The President - The Psychopathology of Everyday Life
Noodle Muffin - hidden track 21 & Cuntservative - Long Live the Spin: More Regime Change*

Hour of Slack #1186

* = New release
(R) = Request
(Q) = Question, comment, or concern from the listening public
(VA) = Various artists compilation


B(r)EAST OF 2008!!!

This is the best music of 2008, no exceptions. These are the only things you need to remember about 2008...well...that and the music we forgot to mention. You'll receive that information from The Senders shortly. Remember; forget everything else about 2008, it will only make you miserable.

Wire - One Of Us - Object 47
Tobacco - Backwoods Altar - Fucked Up Friends (*)
Grampall Jookabox - Ghost - Ropechain (*)
Clinic - Free Not Free - Do It!
American Astronaut - Goodbye California - ep (*)
Maus Haus -We Used Technology - Lark Marvels (*)

Black Angels
- Science Killer - Directions To See A Ghost
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! - Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!
The Dirtbombs - They Have Us Surrounded - We Have You Surrounded
David Byrne & Brian Eno - I Feel My Stuff - Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (*)
Flight of the Conchords - Business Time - s/t
Diplomats of Solid Sound feat. The Diplomettes - Come In My Kitchen - s/t

Zach Hill - Stoic Logic - Astrological Straits (*)
Cribshitter - Jet Setter - Cry A Little Rainbow (*)
Quintron - The Boss Wants To Party With You - Too Thirsty 4 Love (*)
Asylum Street Spankers - Why Do It Right? - What? And Give Up Showbiz? (*)
The Clash - Guns of Brixton - Live At Shea Stadium (*)
Sparks - Lighten Up Morrisey - Exotic Creatures Of The Deep

Black Mountain - Evil Ways - In The Future
Dungen - Samktidigt 1 - 4
TV On The Radio - Halfway House - Dear Science
Bellrays - Infection - Hard, Sweet and Sticky
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Thou Shalt Always Kill - Angles

Subgenius - HOS #1185

* = New release
(R) = Request
(Q) = Question, comment, or concern from the listening public
(VA) = Various artists compilation


Happy New Year! How's yer head?

Happy New Year, valued listeners!! Let us hope that 2009 represents a marked improvement over its predecessor. Tonight's experiment is principally overseen by Bad Sister Heidi, with Father Angus typing and pushing CDs at BSH when she is not ruling imperious over the board and making decisions by fiat. Reverend Velveteen is hovering nearby, in spirit if not in flesh. Lo! Behold! She has arrived! Rejoicing is general, though subdued owing to our collective not-quite-over-it status.

This evening we bring you music suggestive of how many of you may have felt last night or earlier this morning...and of how you may feel now as a result of your manifold sins and transgressions and overindulgences.

Ella Fitzgerald (with Chick Webb) - When I Feel Low, I Get High - Reefer Madness (VA)
Tom Waits - Temptation - Frank's Wild Years
Ween - The Party - La Cucaracha
Rasputina - All Tomorrow's Parties - The Lost & Found EP (Q)
Sparks - Dick Around - Dick Around EP

Wooden Shjips - Auld Lang Syne -
Holiday EP*
Cream - World of Pain - Disraeli Gears
The Turtles - Buzz Saw - The Fuzz Club Vol. 3 (VA)
The Who - Whiskey Man - A Quick One

- The Boss Wants To Party With You -
Too Thirsty 4 Love*
Fujiya & Miyagi - Uh - Lightbulbs
Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses
- Single*
The Fall - Mr Pharmacist - 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong
Grampall Jookabox - The Girl Ain't Preggers - Ropechain*

New Disks at Nine:
Boo and Boo Too - tracks 1, 4, 9 - No Tempo*
Earthling Society - Drowned World - Beauty And The Beast*

Brian Eno - The Paw-Paw Negro Blowtorch & Blank Frank - Here Come the Warm Jets
Devo - Head Like a Hole - Supercop soundtrack (VA, Q)
Frank Zappa - Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? - Joe's Garage Acts I, II & III
Bongwater - Over the Credit Line - The Big Sell-Out
The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping - Yesterday and Today

Hour of Slack #1184

* = New release
(R) = Request
(Q) = Question, comment, or concern from the listening public
(VA) = Various artists compilation