Tonight we bring you NOTHING but the music of WEEN in the hopes that you will PLEDGE to WORT and HELP us stop TYPING randomly IN capital LETTERS!! WEEN! WEEEEEEEEEN!!!

Seriously, WORT-FM relies on you listeners for its financial support, so saddle up! You can go to www.wort-fm.org and click on the ever-so-handy pink pig to pledge online, or you can call us at (608) 256-2001--or (866) 899-9678 if you want to call toll free.

And now...the WEEN. After 10pm we shall play a little bit of non-WEEN stuff--such as a particularly seditious excerpt from The Hour of Slack--but until then, everything on our playlist may be safely assumed to be by none other than WEEN. 'kay?

Pollo Asado - The Pod
Roses Are Free - Chocolate and Cheese
Japanese Cowboy - 12 Country Greats
So Many People in the Neighborhood - Quebec
Up On the Hill - Godweensatan
Never Squeal - Godweensatan
Captain Fantasy - Live at Stubb's
Big Jilm - Pure Guava
The Grobe - Live in Chicago
Mutilated Lips - The Mollusk
Squelch the Weasel - Live at Stubb's
I Got to Put the Hammer Down - Friends
tracks 4, 8, 9 - La Cucaracha
Mr. Richard Smoker - Painting the Town Brown
Cover It in Gas and Set It on Fire - Painting the Town Brown
How High Can You Fly? - Shinola
Zoloft - Quebec
Don't Get Too Close to My Fantasy - Pure Guava
Molly - The Pod
Tried and True - All Request Live
Reggaejunkiejew - Pure Guava
Hot for Teacher - Live at Stubb's

...and now...

Hour of Slack

...and NOW...

Ween - Light Me Up - Friends

...AND NOW...

Hour of Slack #1110 - Mockery and Perversion

1 comment:

winklebort said...

i missed most of the ween... oh and i did see them at stubbs, and the show was a weener. i ween not when it was, but maybe in the weenter... hard to tell down here.

i love psychoacoustics, and have been using the stream an awful lot lately. so i decided to make a little pledge, and i mean little. i hope you saw it. oh, i didn't see psychoacoustics listed as an option for favorite show for my online pledge. that's not good.