Hey maaaaan, got any dough?

Because it's time to PAY THE PSYCHOS! We mean it. Without YOUR monetary pledges the station would not exist and as a result, there would be NO SHOW! Now, maybe you want to save your pennies for to pledge to the Psychoacoustics ALL WEEN SPECIAL SPECTACULAR PLEDGE SPECIAL WEEN, but remember, we only have a couple pairs...do you think you really have a chance of getting those? We'd say no, but we are pessimists...and want to go into the special without the burdensome worry of "Now we have to beg extra hard to make up for last week", because that would bum us out. So pledge, because you are good and already have your Ween tickets and want to make your Psychos happy, and not sad and worried.

Electric Wizard - Mountains of Mars - Electric Lizard
Devendra Banhart - Bad Girl - Smokey Rolls Down Thunder
Ella Fitzgerald - When I Get Low I Get High - Reefer Madness
180G's - Christianity is Stupid - 180D-Gs To The Future
The Who - Long Live Rock - Odds and Sods
Uriah Heap - Travelin' In Time - Demons and Wizards
Mike Watt - Burnin' for Years - Guilt By Allocation
Queen - I'm In Love With My Car - A Night At The Opera
Zolar X - tr. 1& 2 - X Marks The Spot
Boris - Starship Narrator - Rainbow
Baby Elephant - How Does The Brain Wave? - Turn My Teeth Up
The Groovers - Groovy - Bite It
Georga White - If I Can't Sell It, I'll Keep Sittin' On It - Copulating Blues
Fab - Orgasm Blues - Bite It
Andre Williams - Do You Remember? - Aphrodisiac
Blondie - Ex-offender - S/T
Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict - Singles Going Steady
The Stooges - Loose - Fun House
Hawkwind - Sonic Attack - Space Ritual
Meat Puppets - Confusion Fog - Mirage
Bruce Haack - Turn To Me Electric - The Electric Lucifer
Cealed Kasket - Riot Party - Penetration
Faghat - Faghat Land - The Future

Subgenius - Various HOS

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