Rocktober!! (and Rocktember and Rockvember...)

This evening's experiment is being conducted under the close watch of Father Angus and Bad Sister Heidi; the Reverend Velveteen is off getting off somewhere. We feature music by groups, bands, artists, collectives, or random lunatics who have managed to secure gigs in and around Madison, Wisconsin, in the weeks and months to come (or that have just played here, as in the case of the Melvins). Of course, we are insane, so at any moment we could decide to switch tactics and feature Carmen Miranda.

- The Keen Teen Skip - Ten
Gomez - Get Myself Arrested - Bring It On
Knuckel Drager - When the Chevy Breaks - Slam Bang Showdown
The Paybacks - Bright Side - Harder and Harder
The Legendary Shack Shakers - South Electric Eyes - Pandelirium
Eagles of Death Metal - Chase the Devil - Death by Sexy
Faghat - The Future Song - The Future Is Coming
The Electric Six - Improper Dancing - Fire!
The Red Elvises - Rocket Man - I Want to See You Bellydance
Andre Williams - I Don't Need Mary (Juana) - Aphrodisiac
Ouija Radio - Plain Gold Ring - Last Night on Earth

New Disk at Nine:
Screamin Cyn Cyn and the Pons - tracks 1-3 Screamin Target Heart Rate

KMFDM - More'n'Faster - Sucks
Negativland - Keep Rollin' - No Business
Secret Machines - Light's On - Now Where Is Nowhere
TV on the Radio - Playhouse - Return to Cookie Mountain
Yo La Tengo - The Room Got Heavy - I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Kick Your Ass
Nashville Pussy - Rock N Roll Hoochie Coo - Say Something Nasty
The Black Keys - Give Your Heart Away - Magic Potion
Primus - Mary the Ice Cube - Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People
Hour of Slack #1049


The Black Hole Of Father Angus

Deep into the realm of Father Angus we go, Bad Sister Heidi has lost control of time and Reverend Velveteen is in final stage preparations. Heavy, dark, dense and HIGH-larious is the tone for this experiemnt.

Golden Death Music
- Morning Song - Ephemera Blues
Bellrays - Tell The Lie - Live At MasterBlaster Studios
Six Organs of Admittance - Black Wall - The Sun Awakens
Messer Fur Frau Muller - Agents And Spies - Triangle, Dot & Devil
Beck - Elevator Music - The Information
T. Rex - Chariot Choogle - The Slider
The Jimmy Castor Bunch -Troglodite - It's Just Begun
Kulture Shock - Morto - Kultura-Diktatura
The Black Keys - Just A Little Heat - Magic Potion
Kramer - Next Time Try Compassion - The Guilt Trip
TV On The Radio - Hours - Return to Cookie Mountain
Albert Kuvezien & Yat-Kha - Ramblin' Man - Re-Covers

Viva Voce - 6,3,11 - Get Your Blood Sucked Out

Okay, well now I, the typist, have to leave...so this will be the end of the playlist until Father Angus or someone else returns to finish it.



Well, it's almost time for the glorious celebration of all that is good, decent and weird about Madison, WILLY STREET FAIR! YAY! Great live music, awesome people watching, excellent food, informative booths and did I mention the people watching? Because this is the number one place to do it. Tonight's experiment is in honor of that grand tradition that marks the end of summer here. All members of the collective attended.

Beck - Nausea - EP
Holy Shit - Written All Over Your Face - Stranded at Two Harbors
Tom Waits - Hang On St. Christopher - Franks Wild Years
Procol Harum - Whiskey Train - The Best Of...
Firewater - The Beat Goes On - Songs We Should Have Written
Graham Parker & the Rumor - Saturday Night Is Dead - Squeezing Out Sparks
Adam & The Ants - Beat My Guest - Back To School (V/A)
Zolar X - What Is Music - Timeless
Ouija Radio - Red Eye Fly - Oh No ... Yes! Yes!
James Kochalka Superstar - Cocaine - Spread Your Evil Wings And Fly
The Volcano Suns - Peal Out - Bumper Crop
Thor - Hot Rod Ride From Hell (?) - s/t
NoMeansNo - So Low - All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt
Melvins - God of Thunder - Hard To Believe

ND@9 =
The Black Keys - 1,7,11 - Magic Potion
Kulture Shock - 1,5,7 - Kultura-Dikatura

The Arge - Equalizer - EP
.357 String Band - Evil On My Mind - Ghost Town
Supa Ranks - 4:20 Sessions - 4:20 Sessions
Awesome Car Funmaker - Perv - Of Lovers And Monsters
The Dials - Take It To The Man - Flextime
Screamin' Cyn Cyn & The Pons - Slumber Party - EP

Church of the Subgenius - HOS 1062


September Cometh All Over Uth

This evening's experiment, conducted under the "strict" supervision of Bad Sister Heidi, finds your ears mangled in a most delightful way as she wends her wanton ways down the primrose path of her multifariously funky musical sensibility. Reverend Velveteen is striding purposefully in and out of the studio, and Father Angus is typing and grinning and attempting to get a CD or album in here or there, with little luck...BS Heidi seems to have her playlist all thunk out. Enjoyez-vous!

Roy Orbison - Loneliness - Crying
Lee Shot Williams - Everything I Like to Eat Starts with a "P" - Starts with a "P"
Math - The Cowbot's Lament - Basic
Bryan Ferry - The Cruel Ship's Captain - Rogue's Gallery
Nouvelle Vague - Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bande a Part
Albert Kuzevin with Yat-Kha - Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles - Recovers
Captain Beefheart - Ice Cream for Crow - Ice Cream for Crow
Killdozer - Disco Inferno - We Will Bury You: A Tribute to Killdozer
Deaf in the Family - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - For Those About to Rock
The BellRays - Maniac Blues - Live at MasterBlaster
Turn Me On Dead Man - Galaxina - Technicolour Mother
The Black Keys - Thickfreakness - Your Touch EP
Nomeansno - tracks 12, 1, 9 - All Roads Leave to Ausfahrt
The Brazilian Girls - tracks 5, 8, and 9 - Talk to La Bomb
TV on the Radio - tracks 7-9 - Return to Cookie Mountain
Kim Chi - City at Night - Music
Erase Errata - Take You - Night Life
Hour of Slack #1061


Vote early...Vote often....Vote FREAKY!

It is I, Bad Sister Heidi, here to strongly encourage you to vote for your (or my) favorites to be on Pants Off Dance Off, "the stupidest show on television" (according to the TV Guide), on Fuse TV. Fuse is a music video channel found at the end of the rest of the music video channels, if you are serviced by Charter.

Anyway, my reason for this call to arms to get our freaky, fantstic, fans voting is this...all the top vote getters right now (except for Brian and Marsha) are BORING!! I'm sorry, but if you have the body of a stripper, or are a stripper, you have PLENTY OF OPPORTUNITY to take your clothes off in public. And to be honest, professionals are BORING!! We all already know how they will dance, spins, shaking, thrusts, and a whole lot of pouty, sexy looks. SNORE! Plus, just about all the top vote getters are women, and I'm tired of seeing mostly naked women on television. I DEMAND BEEFCAKE!!! And I bet you do too...

Anyway, please visit Fuse TV by clicking on any one of the links in this message, vote for your favorites to be Pants Off Dance Off dancers and keep listening to WORT for all your psychoacoustic needs.

Your friend, and mine,
Bad Sister Heidi!