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Yes that's right, this is the first of the two weeks where you learn exactly how the home of Psychoacoustics is financed. Without WORT 89.9 FM providing the space, equipment and technical assistance, there would be no freaking out on Thursday nights. All would be commercal, bland, processed, everyone wearing the same b.s. designed by The Man. Click here to pledge now and keep weirdness alive!

The Wet Spots
- Kinky Neighbor - Hello Kinky!
William Shatner - Hey, Mr. Tamborine Man - Golden Throats
Bongwater - Obscene & Pornographic Art - Power of Pussy
Sparklehorse - It's Not So Hard - Dreamt for Light Years In the Belly of a Mountain
TV On The Radio - Province - Return to Cookie Mountain
Menomena - Track 5 - Friend and Foe
Franz Ferdinand & Jane Birkin - A Song For Sorry Angel - Monsieur Gainsborg
Yoko Ono & Brother Brother - Yes, I am A Witch - Yes, I am A Witch
Wammo - Hick Hop - Faster Than The Speed of Suck
Popgun Paul & Pistol Pete - What If God Was A Homo - Fine Red Wine

ND@9 =
Southern Culture On The Skids - 7,13,15 - Countrypolitan Favorites

Wanda Jackson w/the Cramps - Funnel Of Love - Heart Trouble
Knuckel Drager - Tomahawk - Evil Fuzz
Exene Cervenka - Whisky For Supper - Original Sinners
X - Hungry Wolf - Beyond & Back
The Coral - Migrane - Magic & Medicine
Reverend Horton Heat - Psychobilly Freakout - Smoke 'em If You Got 'em
The Woggles - It's Not About What I Want - Rock 'n' Roll Backlash
ElVez - Mexican Radio - Graciasland

Church of the Subgenius - various Hour of Slacks

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Baaaa means No! Baaaaa means NO!

Wow. When 3 degrees feels warm, you know it's winter.
Cathode Man Rulez!!!

Palumbo - Hey Mr. President - Citizen X
Mother Mother - Ball Cap - Touch Up
Arbouretum - Signposts and Instruments - Rites of Uncovering
Asylum Street Spankers - Boogers - Mommy Says NO!
Wanda Jackson - Funnel Of Love - Heart Trouble
Bill Kirchen - Devil With A Blue Dress - Hammer of the Honky Tonk Gods
The Who - Shakin' All Over - Live At Leeds
ElVez - I'm Brown And Proud - Gi Ay!Ay! Blues
Andre Williams - The Black Godfather - The Black Godfather
Concrete Blond - God Is A Bullet - Walking In London
Public Image Ltd. - This Is Not A Love Song - Live In Tokyo

ND@9 =
The Wet Spots - 3,8,10 - Hello Kinky!
Les Breastfeeders - 3,7,10 - Les Matins De Grands Soirs

The Gories - Give Me Love - House Rockin'
The Cynics - Turn Me Loose - Living Is The Best Revenge
The Woggles - Time Of My Own - Rock And Roll Backlash
The Creation - Biff! Bang! Pow! - The Best Of The Creation
Helliphant - Seas of Vinegar - Another Glorious Excersise in Horror
Dash Rip Rock - Glassolalia is Such a Gas - Hee Haw Hell
Wet Spots - Do You Take It - Hello Kinky!

Church of the SubGenius - HOS #1084

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Tonight's experiment is facilitated by Bad Sister Heidi...all on my lonesome...so I'll be brief here...Look up your own damned links damnit...
(Some of these bands are playing in the area )
James Iha & Kazu Makino - Bonny & Clyde - Monsieur Gainsborg Revisited
Wet Spots - George - Hello Kinky! (High Noon, 2/15)
Asylum Street Spankers - If You Loved Me (You'd Sleep In The Wet Spot) - Dirty Ditties (High Noon 2/9, Vnuk's 2/11)
Kinks - Victoria - Arthur
Bobby Conn & The Glass Gypsies - We Come In Peace - The Homeland
Faghat - Vacuum Man - The Future (High Noon 2/5, Inferno 2/22)
TV On The Radio - Province - Return to Cookie Mountain (Orpheum 3/16)
Subtle - Middleclass Kill - For Hero: For Fool (Orpheum 3/16)
Menomena - #5 - Friend & Foe (Empty Bottle Chicago 3/20)
Young Blood Brass Band - Bone Refinery - Is That A Riot? (High Noon 4/15)
Aniv Dela Rev - El Dishwashero - www.myspace.com/anivdelarev (Atwood Community Center 2/3)

ND@9 =
Of Montreal - - Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? (Pabst Theater Milwaukee 3/17)
Yoko Ono - 2,5,12.14 - Yes, I am A Witch

Pigeon John - Money Back Guarantee - ...And The Summer Pool Party (High Noon 3/9)
Leslie & The Ly's - Zombie Killer - Doorman's Daughter
Helliphant - Zombies Got It Right - Another Glorious Excersise In Horror (King Club 2/3)
Knuckeldrager - The Song That Can Not Be Named - S/T (High Noon 2/16 & 4/6)

Church of the Subgenius - HoS #1082