Love Is Love

Tonight's experiment is conducted by Father Angus, who has once again been left to his own devices--shiny, gleaming devices studded with buttons and knobs. Bad Sister Heidi and the Reverend Velveteen are off enjoying the Andrew Bird show, but they'll be back next week in full force. Don't you think otherwise for a second...

Bruce Haack - Supernova - The Electric Lucifer
Lungfish - This World - Love Is Love
Don Redman - Reefer Man - Reefer Madness
Ween - Slow Down Boy - Friends

Dungen - Mon Amour - Tio Bitar
Neurosis - Hidden Faces - Given To The Rising
Turbonegro - Hell Toupée - Retox
Zolar X - Plutonian Marmalade - X Marks The Spot

Hawkwind - Ten Seconds of Forever - Space Ritual
Hawkwind - Brain Storm - Space Ritual

Yes - Sound Chaser - Relayer
Yes - To Be Over - Relayer

Genesis - Supper's Ready - Genesis Archive 1967-75

The Hour of Slack #1116

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