As we experiment...

we are blogging....all members of the collective participated.
There is no theme.
Botanica - Fancy - Malediction
Paul Duncan - Tired & Beholden - Be Careful What You Call Home
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - I'm Looking Through You - This Bird Has Flown (tribute to Beatles' Rubber Soul)
Badfinger - Take It All - Straight Up
Benji Cossa's Vault - Love Is Like Lightning - Volume 1
Dungen - Stadsvandringar - Stadsvandringar
The Dead Science - Drrrty Magneto - Frost Giant
Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced? - The Jimi Hendrix Concerts
Guitar Wolf - Jett Beer - Golden Black
Jon Langford & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Gallows Pole - The Executioner's Last Songs, Vol. 2&3
Everything Is Fine - Cold Click - Ghosts Are Knocking On Walls

ND@9 = Galaxie 500 - all tracks - Peel Sessions

The Frogs - Gather 'Round for Savior #2 - It's Only Right and Natural
Negativland - Keep Rollin' - No Business
Diamond Nights - The Girl's Attractive - Popsicle
The Dramatics - The Devil Is Dope - Feed Your Head: 16 Mind-blowing Classics (MOJO magazine compilation)
Church of the Subgenius - HOS #1023


What the hell were we thinking?

I belive this is our shortest (longest?) experiment ever.
It was conducted by Father Angus and Bad Sister Heidi.
September 9, 2004
Bjork - Submarine - Medullla
Devendra Banhart - Horseheadedflesh Wizard - Nino Rojo
The Bevis Frond - Fast Falls the Eventide - Hit Squad
Yes - Beyond and Before - Yes
Zolar X - Nativity/ What Is Music? - Timeless
Mark Lanegan Band - Methamphetamine Blues - Bubblegum
Gibby Haynes & His Problem - Charlie - Gibby Haynes & His Problem
Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral - Paranoid
Secret Machines -Lights On - Now Here Is Nowhere
Free - Mr. Big - Vol IV, 1969-75, Electric Currents
David Bowie - Black Mountain Rock - The Man Who Sold The World

ND@9 = Donovan - All selections - Beat Cafe

Church of the Subgenius - Hour of Slack #957


Music, the gift that keeps on giving.

You must buy these for your relatives, friends and maybe even strangers. We already have these albums and will post our personal gift requests later.

1> SLEATER-KINNEY "THE WOODS" Not a 'girl band,' but simply the best album of 2005. Beautiful deluxe vinyl version available!
2> DIRTBOMBS "IF YOU DON'T ALREADY HAVE A LOOK" 2 disc set of covers and originals--Garage rock with a Motown twist. Support the hottness that is Dirtbombs.
3> GOGOL BORDELLO "GYPSY PUNKS UNDERDOG WORLD STRIKE" Combining the best of punk, world and urban music, they prove politics can be danceable and dancing political.
4> THE FALL "Heads Roll" These guys are on a roll, after 30 albums they seem fresh and energized. Nice cover of a song by the Move, for those who remember Jeff Lynne's pre-ELO outfit.
5> Messer Chups "CRAZY PRICE" For anyone who likes sci-fi, surf, Russian spy music, or all three. A collage of sounds with bonus crazy videos for your computer.
6> NEGATIVLAND "NO BUSINESS" A biting parody/critique/expose of fair use and sampling issues. Julie Andrews will never sound the same to you again! With deluxe booklet and "novelty item."
7> SCREAMING CYN CYN AND THE PONS "Babysit" Madison's gender-bending cabaret punks come off just as well in the studio as they do live. So will your clothes, if you listen closely.
8> DUNGEN "TA DET LUGNT" Like the White album, but with lyrics in Swedish!
9> KAIJU BIG BATTEL "SHOCKING TRUTH" (DVD) The newest fad after faux wrestling, oddly costumed monsters 'battel' each other for a chance at world domination to a rockin' soundtrack. Loads of fun for all ages, comes with stickers and pins and other swag. Watch out for the evil Dr. Cube!
10> TARGET VIDEOS OF LIVE CONCERTS such as: "CRAMPS LIVE AT NAPA STATE MENTAL HOSPITAL" (1978), "DEVO" (1982, MC5 (1977), "BELLRAYS IN LONDON" (2005). Raw and unadorned for the most part, sans any boring talking head rock critics and just simply some of the best footage ever filmed.

And one final recommendation from the Psychos researchers...
.....Buy some tickets to see a band at a club or concert hall. They're cheap, and it's fun to go out with folks. A live music experience is a great gift that can not be replicated.


What is happening?

This week on Tuesday, 12.6 from 11pm till 2am, you can hear Bad Sister Heidi sub for Jenni on the Lepord Print Lounge on WORT 89.9FM. This will be an adults show, for adults. YAY!

On Thursday, the experiment will be conducted by Reverend Velveteen and Father Angus. There are no plans yet.

We will be starting the year with a bang on the first Thursday in 2006. It should be a high caliber show.

Here's a super old play list. This experiment was conducted by Reverend Velveteen and Sister Girlfriend. Assisted by Bad Sister Heidi and Mat. Thursday, August 6, 1993 from 11pm to 2am.
Church of the Subgenius - Hour of Slack (HOS) 401
Brother Eye - Song that Doesn't Exist - Sadistic Antennae (?)
Church of the Subgenius - HOS 401
Mercury Rev - There's Spider Eggs in Bubba Yhum - Bronx Cheer
Church of the Subgenius - HOS 401
Bad Livers - Shit Creek - Deliusions of Bonjour
Church of the Subgenius - HOS 401
Devo - Shrivel Up - Are We Not Men?
Jean Paul Satre Experience - Spaceman - Bleeding Star
Frank's Museum - Girl that Glows in the Dark - Make Coffee Not War
Barenaked Ladies - Fight The Power - The Coneheads Soundtrack
Porno For Pyros - Meija - Porno For Pyros
Creedle - The Haunted Poptart - Half Man, Half Pie
Dead Fish Don't Grow Old - Marketing Warfare - Maldopundim
Flaming Lips - She Don't Use Jelly - Ribbed Ticklers
Sister Double Happiness - the Whippin' Song - Uncut
Tripping Daisy - Brown Eyed Pickle Boy - Bill
Engine Kid - Furnace - Astronaut
Engine Kid - the Needle - Astronaut
Soul Asylum - Summer Of Drugs - Summer Of Drugs
Engine Kid - The Needle, Part 2 - Astronaut
Intro 1 - White Noise - Welcome to the Future
(some music titled in sanskrit)
Various Artitsts - Various Cuts - Welcome to the Future
Dinner is Ruined - Tracks 8&9 - Love Songs from the Lubritorium
Din #4 - Track 8 - Real Men, Short Hair
Dinner is Ruined - Carnival of Sole - Love Songs from the Lubritorium

As always, check back. Links are created on an ongoing basis, as some computers we use make it easy to add links, and others make it...not so easy


Psychoacoustics Happy Barfday Experiment

Psychoacoustics had the distinct pleasure of being on the air the very moment WORT turns 30 years old; 8pm, December 1st, 2005. Thusly we can confabulate that WORT went 'on air' in 1975. We received many favorable comments from experiment participants, and would love to post the play list. Unfortunately, Bad Sister left the list somewhere, and even with our collective memory resources we are unable to recreate it.

Until we find it, here's a play list from June 14, 2000. Bad Sister Heidi ran this experiment.
Red Elvises - Everybody Disco - Shake Your Pelvis
Clinton - Welcome To Tokyo, O.C. - Disco is Halfway to Discontent
Fatback - Backstrokin' - Phatt Trax
Curtis Mayfield - Kung Fu - Get Ready, the Curtis Mayfield Story
Bellrays - Testify - Let It Blast
Apples In Stereo - Go - The Discovery of a World Inside the Moon
Dee-Lite - Good Beat - World Clique
Lorenzo's Music - Killin' Me - Schematic
The Cramps - Beautiful Gardens - Psychadelic Jungle
Hostile Omish - Ballad Of Breakfast - Olde Order of Omish
Old 97's - Ray Charles - Early Tracks
Roger Miller - Chug-a-Lug - Golden Hits
Motley Crue- Take Me To The Top - Too Fast For Love

ND@9 - Princess Superstar - 1,2,3,5,6,8,9,10,12 - Last of the Great 20th Century Composers

Nashville Pussy - She's Got The Drugs - High As Hell
Sex Pistols - I'm A Lazy Sod - Welcome To The Sex Pistols
Flock of Seagulls - Telecommunication - Flock of Seagulls
Nitzer Ebb - Lightning Man - Show Time
Marvin Pontiac - Arms & Legs - Greatest Hits
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Hard On for Love - Your Funeral, My Trial
Captain & Tennielle - Muskrat Love - Song of Joy
The Golden Palominos - Prison of the Rhythm - This Is How It Feels
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Spell Bound - Juju
Critters Buggin - Mt. Blasta - Host


Post 2, electric boogaloo

Here's another classic play list.
August 26, 2004. All members of the collective participated. I think you can guess the theme.

Firesign Theater - No Jokes About America - Fugs/Firesign Sampler
The Bush Whackers - Weapons of Mass Distraction - (local - Kenn Lonnquist & Friends)
Piece de Resistance - Fly Bush To The Moon - (CD single, as heard on Democracy Now)
CJ Rad - The Squanderer - (unknown)
Billionaires for Bush - Voting Machine - ...Are in the House
Oysterhead - Army's on Ecstacy - The Grand Pecking Order
Mike Doughty - Move On - Future Soundtrack for Amerika
Swing States - Psycho Cowboy - The Swing States Road Show
The Flying Other Brothers - Dubya 2004 - (demo)
Shamus O'Eukey - Your Cheatin' Heart - Swing State
Steve Earle - Fuck the FCC (edit) - Revolution Starts Now
Elvis Costello - Monkey to Man - (unknown)
Wendy Bugatti - A Man's Got To Be A Man - (from upcoming Killdozer tribute) (http://www.wendybugatti.com/)

ND@9 - Steve Earle - 1,2,3,5,10,11 - The Revolution Starts Now

Bad Religion - The Empire Strikes Back - The Empire Strikes Back
Crass & EP Thompson - The Unelected President - Peace Not War
Rise Against - State of the Union - Siren Song of the Counter Culture
Thought Riot - You're Gonna Die - Rock Against Bush, Vol. 2
Joan of Arc - 80's Dance Parties Most of All - Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain
NOFX - Franco Un-American - The War on Errorism
Ministry - World - Housese of the Mole
Paragraphs - #1 - 3, The War on Terror, The Musical
Public Enemy - Son of a Bush - Peace Not War

Yes! Oh, yes!

It is! It is!


This is our first post.

Welcome to the Psychoacoustics Sound Experiment.
If you would like to experience the experiment in sound, listen to WORT 89.9FM in Madison, WI.
As of this time, if you are outside of our listening area, we are unable to service you.

The hosts of this experiement are as follows:
Reverend Velveteen
Father Angus
Bad Sister Heidi
Soon we will have the capability to perform experiments individually. For now you shall have to be satisfied with the collective.

Now, a play list.
This is a classic experiment from Aug. 12, 2004
Kings of Convenience - "Live Long" - Riot on an Empty Street
Leadbelly - "Take a Whiff on Me" - Reefer Madness
Asylum Street Spankers - "Digga Digga Do" - Live on Winnebago
Galaxie 500 - Them - Uncollected
Gomez - "We Don't Know Where We're Going" - Split The Difference
The Cure - "Labrynth" - The Cure
Secret Machines - "Sad and Lovely" - Now Here is Nowhere
The Fall - "Contraflow" - The Real New Fall
The Coral - "Sorrow of the Song" - Nightfreak...
Steve Earle - "Revolution Starts Now" - Revolution Starts Now
The Hives - "Two-timing Touch and Broken Bones" - Tyrannasaurus Hives
The Dirtbombs - "King's Lead Hat" - Dangerous Magical Noise

ND@9 = Scissor Sisters - Tracks 1,2,3,5,7,8,9,11 - Scissor Sisters

Heaven 17 - "Fascist Groove Thang" - Heaven 17
!!! - "Dear Can" - Louden Up Now
Mahavishnu Orchestra - "Vital Transformation" - The Inner Mounting Flame
Mike Watt - "Boilin' Blazes" - The Secondman's Middle Stand
Eric Idle - "FCC Song" - http://www.pythonline.com/plugs/idle/index.shtml
Steve Earle - "Fuck the FCC" - Revolution Starts Now
Scissor Sisters - "Tits on the Radio" - Scissor Sisters

And that's about all for now.