Snowed in...all we can do is PARTY.

'Tis December and the weather gods have not failed to notice this shift in the calendar. Everything is swathed in a blanket of purest white, like the Christ Child in a manger, and we are the goats and sheep who look on in reverence as He sprouts horns and spits fire from His mouths.

Be all that as it may, and it is, tonight Bad Sister Heidi and Father Angus shall essay to bring you happy funtime party music. Keep in mind that our idea of a happy funtime might not be yours...at first.

Os Mutantes - Le Premier Bonheur du Jour - Barbican Theatre, London, 2006
XTC - Snowman - English Settlement
Meredith Bragg - My Absent Will - Silver Sonya
Ariel Pink - Howling at the Moon - Scared Famous
Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities - Like It or Not - Lucas
Madness - Michael Caine - Divine Madness
The Shadows - Scotch on the Socks - Cigarettes and Alcohol (MOJO compilation)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - The Likes of You - American X: Baby 81 Sessions
Shock Headed Peters - Bethlehem Steel Ill-Will - Tendercide
The Sword - The Immigrant Song - EP single
Ike and Tina Turner - Whole Lotta Love - from YouTube (yeah, we know, whatever)
The Fall - Telephone Thing - 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong
Les Claypool - Back Off, Turkey - Of Whales and Woe

New Disks at Nine
The Dragons - tracks 4, 6, 10 - BFI
Lick Lick - tracks 1, 4, 9 - Lick Lick
Buck 65 - tracks - Situation

No Means No - 'Til I Die - All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt
The Directive - Whip It - Not Necessarily Beautiful but Mutated, Vol. VI
Carbon/Silicon - The Whole Truth - The Last Post
Hopewell - All Angels Road - Beautiful Targets

Hour of Slack #1028

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