Lux Interior, How We Miss Thee

This evening's experiment was suddenly, and sadly, turned into an impromptu memorial show dedicated the memory of Lux Interior, late lead singer for The Cramps. Bad Sister Heidi will be more or less in control, but we'll both be spinning tunes by and reminiscent of the departed master. Of course, this being Psychoacoustics, anything else could happen, up to and including a guest appearance by Brad Van of Droids Attack. In fact, that will happen. But now, let us light a human-tallow candle and lift a glass of oblivion to our fallen comrade.

The Cramps - The Strangeness in Me - Look, Mom, No Head!
The Runabouts - The Strangeness in Me - Songs the Cramps Taught Us, Vol. I (VA)
The Cramps - Beautiful Gardens - Psychedelic Jungle
The Elite - One Potato - Madness Invasion (VA)
The Cramps - Birdfeed - Rockin and Reelin in Auckland, New Zealand
The Trashmen - Surfin' Bird - Songs the Cramps Taught Us, Vol. I (VA)

Deadbolt - Burn, Lil' Debby, Burn - Zulu Death Mask
The Cramps - She Said - Smell of Female
Droids Attack - Dope Smuggler - Fatal/Error
Droids Attack - Operation Panda - Thee 1987"*
The Mummies - I'm Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight - Death by Unga Bunga!!
The Cramps - (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 - Flamejob
Little Richie Ray - Hump-a-Baby - A Dirty Shame soundtrack (VA)

Not-So-New-Yet-Trenchant Disk @ 9
The Cramps - tracks 14, 15, 18 - How to Make a Monster

New Disk @ 9

The Sir Finks - tracks 7, 9, 19 - (Tres Mexicanos) Del Sur de Texas*

The Sonics - Psycho - Here Are the Sonics!!!
The Cramps - Drug Train - Bad Music for Bad People
Bill Allen - Please Give Me Something - Songs the Cramps Taught Us, Vol. II (VA)
Nekromantix - Life Is a Grave & I Dig It - Life Is a Grave & I Dig It
Jimmy Troy - The Brain - Land of 1,000 Dunces: Best of the Bug Outs (VA)
Messer Chups - In 3 Minutes Till Massacre - Crazy Price

Alien Sex Fiend - I Think I - Curse
The Cramps - TV Set - Bad Music for Bad People

Hour of Slack #1188

* = New release
(R) = Request
(Q) = Question, comment, or concern from the listening public
(VA) = Various artists compilation

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