Statistically the coldest week of the year...but HAWT

Here we are and what it is, what it is, WHAT IS IT?? OH MY GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....

Emo - In the Back of the Car - A New Groove (Putumayo)
Rob Crow - Chucked - Living Well
Beck - Fax Machine Anthem ("Hell Yes" remixed by Dizzee Rascal) - Beck Remix EP #1
Jorge Ben - Umbabarauma - Beleza Tropical
Ozomatli - When I Close My Eyes - Don't Mess with the Dragon
The Jam - That's Entertainment - Stranger Than Fiction soundtrack
Of Montreal - Heimdalsgate like a Promethean Curse - Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

David Bowie - Join the Gang - Images '66-67
The Wet Spots - Labia Limbo - Hello Kinky

Asylum Street Spankers - Super Frog - Mommy Says No!
Asylum Street Spankers - My Favorite Record - My Favorite Record
Manhattan Love Suicides - The Guy on the Fourteenth Floor - Manhattan Love Suicides
Sunshine for the Blind - Five Long Years - See the River Rise

New Disk at Nine:
Cougar - cuts 2, 4, 12 - Law

Sonic Youth - The Simpsons Theme - All Tomorrow's Parties
The Stooges - Funhouse - Funhouse
Sparks - (Baby Baby) Can I Invade Your Country? - Dick Around
Wire - Cheeking Tongues - The Ideal Copy
Dead Meadow - Greensky Greenlake - Dead Meadow

Sleeping in the Aviary - Pop Song - Sleeping in the Aviary

MC5 - Come Together - Kick Out the Jams
Evening Service - The Bible Says - Love God's Way
Hour of Slack #1081


Will said...

cool man

FrAngus said...

¡Muchas gracias!