Heavy, trippy...what else is new?

Hail, valued listeners and readers! This evening finds Bad Sister Heidi off getting off somewhere and the Reverend Velveteen embroiled in sojourns all her own. Thus I, Father Angus, am left to my own devices here in the studio. I have oiled, polished, and tuned all my devices so that they glint and glimmer in a circle all around me. Now the fun shall begin as I reach for the first of them...good, the battery is still charged...

Jackie-O Motherfucker - Hey Mr. Sky - Flags of the Sacred Harp
db pedersen - Turning Symbol - Carrot Carrot!
Citay - Seasons Don't Fear the Year - Citay
P.G. Six - The Dance - Slightly Sorry
Wooden Wand and the Sky-High Band - Portrait in the Clouds - Second Attention
Six Organs of Admittance - Black Wall - The Sun Awakens
Entrance - Grim Reaper Blues - Prayer of Death
Ghost - Water Door Yellow Gate - In Stormy Nights
Sunburned Hand of the Man - Adult Costume - Complexion
Ariel Pink - Gray Sunset - The Doldrums

New Disk at Nine:
Dead Meadow - tracks 1, 2, 5 - Dead Meadow

Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - The Tales of Solar Sails--Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky - Have You Seen the Other Side of the Sky?

Hour of Slack #1080

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