Vote early...Vote often....Vote FREAKY!

It is I, Bad Sister Heidi, here to strongly encourage you to vote for your (or my) favorites to be on Pants Off Dance Off, "the stupidest show on television" (according to the TV Guide), on Fuse TV. Fuse is a music video channel found at the end of the rest of the music video channels, if you are serviced by Charter.

Anyway, my reason for this call to arms to get our freaky, fantstic, fans voting is this...all the top vote getters right now (except for Brian and Marsha) are BORING!! I'm sorry, but if you have the body of a stripper, or are a stripper, you have PLENTY OF OPPORTUNITY to take your clothes off in public. And to be honest, professionals are BORING!! We all already know how they will dance, spins, shaking, thrusts, and a whole lot of pouty, sexy looks. SNORE! Plus, just about all the top vote getters are women, and I'm tired of seeing mostly naked women on television. I DEMAND BEEFCAKE!!! And I bet you do too...

Anyway, please visit Fuse TV by clicking on any one of the links in this message, vote for your favorites to be Pants Off Dance Off dancers and keep listening to WORT for all your psychoacoustic needs.

Your friend, and mine,
Bad Sister Heidi!

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