The Black Hole Of Father Angus

Deep into the realm of Father Angus we go, Bad Sister Heidi has lost control of time and Reverend Velveteen is in final stage preparations. Heavy, dark, dense and HIGH-larious is the tone for this experiemnt.

Golden Death Music
- Morning Song - Ephemera Blues
Bellrays - Tell The Lie - Live At MasterBlaster Studios
Six Organs of Admittance - Black Wall - The Sun Awakens
Messer Fur Frau Muller - Agents And Spies - Triangle, Dot & Devil
Beck - Elevator Music - The Information
T. Rex - Chariot Choogle - The Slider
The Jimmy Castor Bunch -Troglodite - It's Just Begun
Kulture Shock - Morto - Kultura-Diktatura
The Black Keys - Just A Little Heat - Magic Potion
Kramer - Next Time Try Compassion - The Guilt Trip
TV On The Radio - Hours - Return to Cookie Mountain
Albert Kuvezien & Yat-Kha - Ramblin' Man - Re-Covers

Viva Voce - 6,3,11 - Get Your Blood Sucked Out

Okay, well now I, the typist, have to leave...so this will be the end of the playlist until Father Angus or someone else returns to finish it.

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