Where is the collective?

Whoops....we forgot to let you know that the collective is on a brief hiatus for a variety of reasons. Here's the dilly, yo.

3-30-06 - the show was hosted by our distant relative, Good Brother Selector. He hosts every 5th Thursday, and always plays a selection of kick ass music to stop, drop, rock and roll to.
(keep your eyes, ears and tongue open for him on the following dates: 6-29-06, 8-31-06, 11-30-06)

4-6-06 - Super special guest host Dave 3000, from Kosmik Radiation, will be at the controls of the Psychoacoustics ship. He's usually on Wednesday mornings from 2-5am, and always puts on an awesome show. This is a rare appearence in the early evening hours, so be sure to check him out. Father Angus may be copiloting, depending on the status of his dirty laundry.
It's ladies night out for Reverend Velveteen, Bad Sister Heidi and the lovely Ms. Jenni from Lepord Print Lounge. They'll be ogling, and probably shaking their booties to, the uber-hotness that is Gogol Bordello at the Annex that night.

4-20-06 - Father Angus and Bad Sister Heidi will be filling the Psychoacoustics ship with church air for a special 4:20 experiment. Unless the church does something extra green, the Hour of Slack will be preempted by a special broadcast of the psychoacoustic approved album "A Child's Garden of Grass". Reverend Velveteen will be on a much needed vacation.

5-4-06 Super special Flaming Lips Special Spectacular. Prepare to have your mind blown right out your eyes as our special guest, Rickster the Trackster, escorts Bad Sister Heidi (and maybe the rest of the collective) on a trip through the weird and wild world of the Flaming Lips. We will be featuring The War Against The Mystics as our new disc at 9, as well as many rarities and popular favorites from their 20 year (!) careear. Wow!
Unfortunately, we will be unable to broadcast this particular show over the internets. More on this later.

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