It's ladies night...oh what a night.

Tonight the Psychoacoustics collective are delving deep into their feminine sides. All members are participating in their own special way.

Things to live for:
April 20th: 420 Special
May 4th : Super Special Flaming Lips Special Spectacular with expert, Rickster the Trackster

Remember, you can always listen to WORT 89.9 FM on the internets.

Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog - Rock and Roll: The Early Years (va)
Shirley & Lee - Let the Good Times Roll - Oldies but Goodies: Vol. 1 (va)
Blondie - X-Offender - Rock at the Edge (va)
Joan Jett - Bad Reputation - URGH! A Music War Soundtrack (va)
The Pandoras - You Lie - The Girls Can't Help It (va)
The Cramps - Surfin' Dead - The Return of the Living Dead Soundtrack (va)
Boss Hog - Red Bath - Dope, Guns & Fucking in the Streets: Vol. 4-7 (va)
X-Ray Specs - The Day The World Turned Dayglo - No Thanks 70's Punk Rebellion (va)
The Slits -Typical Girls - No Thanks 70's Punk Rebellion (va)
The Paybacks - Let's Go To Hollywood - Ghettoblaster Vol. 2 (va)
The Bellrays - Too Many Houses in Here - Grand Fury
L7 - Yummy Yummy - Melting Pot (va)
Exene Cervenka & The Original Sinners - Down Where It's Down - Sev7en
Sleater Kinney - Banned From The End Of The World - The Hot Rock
The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs - Honeybear - Show Your Bones

ND@9 - Patti Smith - entire - Horses: 30th Anniversary 1 hr. radio special

Church of the Subgenius - HOS #1024

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