What is happening?

This week on Tuesday, 12.6 from 11pm till 2am, you can hear Bad Sister Heidi sub for Jenni on the Lepord Print Lounge on WORT 89.9FM. This will be an adults show, for adults. YAY!

On Thursday, the experiment will be conducted by Reverend Velveteen and Father Angus. There are no plans yet.

We will be starting the year with a bang on the first Thursday in 2006. It should be a high caliber show.

Here's a super old play list. This experiment was conducted by Reverend Velveteen and Sister Girlfriend. Assisted by Bad Sister Heidi and Mat. Thursday, August 6, 1993 from 11pm to 2am.
Church of the Subgenius - Hour of Slack (HOS) 401
Brother Eye - Song that Doesn't Exist - Sadistic Antennae (?)
Church of the Subgenius - HOS 401
Mercury Rev - There's Spider Eggs in Bubba Yhum - Bronx Cheer
Church of the Subgenius - HOS 401
Bad Livers - Shit Creek - Deliusions of Bonjour
Church of the Subgenius - HOS 401
Devo - Shrivel Up - Are We Not Men?
Jean Paul Satre Experience - Spaceman - Bleeding Star
Frank's Museum - Girl that Glows in the Dark - Make Coffee Not War
Barenaked Ladies - Fight The Power - The Coneheads Soundtrack
Porno For Pyros - Meija - Porno For Pyros
Creedle - The Haunted Poptart - Half Man, Half Pie
Dead Fish Don't Grow Old - Marketing Warfare - Maldopundim
Flaming Lips - She Don't Use Jelly - Ribbed Ticklers
Sister Double Happiness - the Whippin' Song - Uncut
Tripping Daisy - Brown Eyed Pickle Boy - Bill
Engine Kid - Furnace - Astronaut
Engine Kid - the Needle - Astronaut
Soul Asylum - Summer Of Drugs - Summer Of Drugs
Engine Kid - The Needle, Part 2 - Astronaut
Intro 1 - White Noise - Welcome to the Future
(some music titled in sanskrit)
Various Artitsts - Various Cuts - Welcome to the Future
Dinner is Ruined - Tracks 8&9 - Love Songs from the Lubritorium
Din #4 - Track 8 - Real Men, Short Hair
Dinner is Ruined - Carnival of Sole - Love Songs from the Lubritorium

As always, check back. Links are created on an ongoing basis, as some computers we use make it easy to add links, and others make it...not so easy

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