Music, the gift that keeps on giving.

You must buy these for your relatives, friends and maybe even strangers. We already have these albums and will post our personal gift requests later.

1> SLEATER-KINNEY "THE WOODS" Not a 'girl band,' but simply the best album of 2005. Beautiful deluxe vinyl version available!
2> DIRTBOMBS "IF YOU DON'T ALREADY HAVE A LOOK" 2 disc set of covers and originals--Garage rock with a Motown twist. Support the hottness that is Dirtbombs.
3> GOGOL BORDELLO "GYPSY PUNKS UNDERDOG WORLD STRIKE" Combining the best of punk, world and urban music, they prove politics can be danceable and dancing political.
4> THE FALL "Heads Roll" These guys are on a roll, after 30 albums they seem fresh and energized. Nice cover of a song by the Move, for those who remember Jeff Lynne's pre-ELO outfit.
5> Messer Chups "CRAZY PRICE" For anyone who likes sci-fi, surf, Russian spy music, or all three. A collage of sounds with bonus crazy videos for your computer.
6> NEGATIVLAND "NO BUSINESS" A biting parody/critique/expose of fair use and sampling issues. Julie Andrews will never sound the same to you again! With deluxe booklet and "novelty item."
7> SCREAMING CYN CYN AND THE PONS "Babysit" Madison's gender-bending cabaret punks come off just as well in the studio as they do live. So will your clothes, if you listen closely.
8> DUNGEN "TA DET LUGNT" Like the White album, but with lyrics in Swedish!
9> KAIJU BIG BATTEL "SHOCKING TRUTH" (DVD) The newest fad after faux wrestling, oddly costumed monsters 'battel' each other for a chance at world domination to a rockin' soundtrack. Loads of fun for all ages, comes with stickers and pins and other swag. Watch out for the evil Dr. Cube!
10> TARGET VIDEOS OF LIVE CONCERTS such as: "CRAMPS LIVE AT NAPA STATE MENTAL HOSPITAL" (1978), "DEVO" (1982, MC5 (1977), "BELLRAYS IN LONDON" (2005). Raw and unadorned for the most part, sans any boring talking head rock critics and just simply some of the best footage ever filmed.

And one final recommendation from the Psychos researchers...
.....Buy some tickets to see a band at a club or concert hall. They're cheap, and it's fun to go out with folks. A live music experience is a great gift that can not be replicated.

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