Haw! Wah!

ARTIST                   TRACK                    ALBUM                    LABEL                    
Diamond Watch Wrists Onward Push Me out Ice Capped At Both Ends
Linda Ronstadt Blue Bayou The Very Best Of...
MGMT Someone's Missing Congradulations
Handsome Family Winnebago Skeletons Mill and Scissors
Sterling Williams You Better Know Your Hole From Mine Brand New Man Ecko
Tony Butula Long Black Stockings Complete, Insane, Madness Invasion
Darkness Lurks Happiness Pie Brain Candy Sndtrk.
The Folksmen Never Did No Wanderin' A Mighty Wind Sndtrk.
Drink Up Buttercup Pink Sunshine Born and Thrown on a Hook
Dr. Timothy Leary The Turn On Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out
Negativland Keep On Rollin' No Business
The Pixies Gouge Away Doolittle
Fred Lane Fun in the Fundus From The One That Cut You
The White Stripes Let's Shake Hands Under Great White Northern Lights
The White Stripes Ball and Biscut Under Great White Northern Lights
The White Stripes Jolene Under Great White Northern Lights
Loretta Lynn w/ Jack White Portland Oregon Van Lear Rose
The Raconteurs Salute Your Solution Consoler of the Lonely
Dead Weather Die By The Drop Sea of Cowards
Dead Weather Looking at the Invisible Man Sea of Cowards
Frog Eyes The Sensitive Girls Paul's Tomb: A Triumph
MC Frontalot Goth Girls Nerdcore Rising
MC Paul Barman I'm Freakin' Awesome It's Very Stimulating
Leslie Hall Craft Talk Back 3 Back Palz
Flight of the Conchords Too Many Dicks (on the Dancefloor) I Told You I Was Freaky
Fannypack Cameltoe So Stylistic

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