Slouching toward Bethlehem to Be Spored

This evening's experiment is principally conducted by Bad Sister Heidi, with Fr. Angus serving as the men's auxiliary, typing as well as spinning LPs and seizing CDs when Bad Sister Heidi's modality du soir calls for such. The Reverend Velveteen is still enswathed in the SlackSpa, but she's listening from a distance and radiating her influence over us.

The Asylum Street Spankers - Blade of Grass - What? And Give Up Show Biz?*
Lambchop - National Talk Like a Pirate Day - OH (ohio)*
Vic Chestnutt, Elf Power, and the Amorphous Strums - Bilocating Dog - Dark Developments*
Vampire Hands - No Fun - Stuck on Amp: Live from Radio K* (VA)
XTC - Big Day - Skylarking

Raphael Saadiq - 100 Yard Dash - The Way I See It*
Bobby Womack - Across 11oth St. - Players and Hustlers of the 70s, Vol. I (VA)
Solange - Sandcastle Disco - Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams* (Q)
Monofide - Party - The American Boogie Down* (VA)
Betty Davis - He Was a Big Freak - They Say I'm Different

Grampall Jukebox
- I'm Absolutely Freaked Out -

New Disk @ Nine
Dance Band - tracks 3, 4, 10 - Dance Band Returns from the Land After Tomorrow* (Q)

Jefferson Airplane - The House at Pooneil Corners - Crown of Creation (R)

Fujiya & Miyagi - Pussyfooting - Lightbulbs
Zach Hill - Keep Calm and Carry On - Astrological Straits*
Bang! Bang! Eche! - (You + Me) As Thick As Thieves - Bang! Bang! Eche!*
Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses - CD single*
Tobacco - Pink Goo - Fucked Up Friends*
Eagles of Death Metal - Prissy Prancin' - Heart On*

Hour of Slack #1180

* = New release
(R) = Request
(Q) = Question, comment, or concern from the listening public
(VA) = Various artists compilation

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