Global Weirding

I, Father Angus, recently read an article in which the author suggested replacing the term global warming with global weirding. We here at Psychoacoustics are all for global weirding, but hopefully as a result of our radio ministry rather than from all the carbon dioxide and methane we release. Tonight is another attempt to put a hole in your O-zone. Oooooh yeaaaaahhhhhh.

Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues - Great Hits
Wanda Jackson - Old Time Rock & Roll - Live and Still Kickin'
Little Jackie - The World Should Revolve Around Me - The Stoop
Juan Garcia Esquivel - Whatchamacallit - Esquivel!
Negativland - Lying on the Grass - Thigmotactic*
Beck - Timebomb - 12" single*

Miniature Tigers - Dino Damage - White Magic EP*
The Raveonettes - That Great Love Sound - Chain Gang of Love
The Dirtbombs - Le fin du monde - We Have You Surrounded*
Selda - Meydan Sizindir - Selda*
Dengue Fever - Sober Driver - Venus on Earth
Wooden Shjips - Lucy's Ride - Wooden Shjips*

The Diplomats of Solid Sound (featuring the Diplomettes) - Plenty Nasty -
The Diplomats of Solid Sound (featuring the Diplomettes)*

New Disk at Nine
- tracks 1, 8, 9 - Modern Guilt*

The Melvins - Billy Fish - Nude with Boots*
Alice Cooper - You Drive Me Nervous - Killer
Les Breastfeeders - Mini Jupe et Watusi et Angle mort - Déjeuner sur l'herbe
Serge Gainsbourg - Love on the Beat - Love on the Beat

Les Breastfeeders - En dansant le yah! - Les matins de grands soirs
Iggy Pop - The Horse Song - Zombie Birdhouse
Deadbolt - Voodoobilly Man - In the World
Dengue Fever - Tap Water - Escape from Dragon House
The Skintones - Don't Do It - This Is Science

Hour of Slack #1160

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