I ask you...

Tonight's experiment is principally overseen by Father Angus, though the Reverend Velveteen is on hand (and foot) as well. The theme is questions, isn't it? Do you feel like being interrogated? Would you enjoy music that features questions, either in the titles or in the lyrics (if prominently displayed) or both? Who wouldn't?

and now, let's get to it, shall we? Why not?

Byrds - Why? - The Byrds' Greatest Hits
Dilettantes - What Were You Thinking? - 101 Tambourines*
Buzzcocks - Why Can't I Touch It? - Singles Going Steady
Moody Blues - Have You Heard? Pt. 1 - This Is The Moody Blues
Syd Barrett - Wouldn't You Miss Me? (Dark Globe) - Opel
Moody Blues - Have You Heard? Pt. 2 - This Is The Moody Blues
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Who? - Tepid Peppermint Wonderland [Retrospective]

Ray Davies
- You're Asking Me? - Working Man's Cafe*
Soft Boys/Robyn Hitchcock - Where Are The Prawns? - Underwater Moonlight
Smiths - How Soon Is Now? - Brit Box Set* [orig. on Hatful Of Hollow LP] [VA]
David Bowie - What In The World? - Low
Rolling Stones - Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadows? - Through The Past, Darkly
Monks - Oh How To Do Now? - Black Monk Time [R.I.P. Dave Day] [R]
Blondie - Will Anything Happen? - Parallel Lines

New Disc:
Black Mountain - Bright Lights - In The Future* [Q] [One 17 minute cut]

Bongwater - What's Big In England Now - The Big Sell-Out
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Do You Wanna Get Heavy? - Acme
Devo - Jocko Homo - Are We Not Men? We Are DEVO [R]
Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced? -
The Who - The Real Me? - Quadrophenia
Flaming Lips - Are You A Hypnotist? - Yoshimi [Q]

after 10 pm
Ween - Where'd The Cheese Go? - internet only all request EP
Carbon/Silicon - What The Fuck? - The Last Post*
Evangelicals - How Do You Sleep? - The Evening Descends*

* = New release
(R) = Request
(Q) = Question, comment, or concern from the listening public
(VA) = Various artists compilation

Hour of Slack #1033*

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