Mike Patton is a very special guy.

Special for many reasons.
1. Staying power...he's been around for much longer than Bad Sister ever expected.
2. His ocean gots the motion...and the kind of voice that fills Bad Sister with LUST.
3. It's not unusual...to be so freaking cool!
It is unusual...to be so damned experimental and still have had the
"chart topper" experience. This guy can make all sorts of crazy sounds
AND music.
5. Ipecac...the kind that doesn't make Bad Sister barf! Mmmmmmusic.

if you hadn't guessed, Bad Sister did a special on Mike Patton and
related things because the new Tomahawk album came out, which was the
perfect excuse to do a special themed special show about that special
guy, Mike Patton. Special!

Faith No More - Easy - Live at the Brixton Academy
Mr. Bungle - Golem II: The Bionic Vapor Boy - California
Bjork - Where Is The Line With You - Medulla
Fantomas - Rosemary's Baby - The Director's Cut
Ennio MOrricone - Giorno Di Notte - Crime & Dissonance
Peeping Tom - Mojo - S/T
Tomahawk - Aktion 13F14 - Mit Gas
Mike Patton - Ford Mustang - Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg
Kaada - Black California - Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time
Lovage - Sex (I'm a) - Songs To Make Love To Your Old Lady By
Faith No More - Be Aggressive - Angel Dust
Desert Sessions - In My Head...Or Something - 9&10

ND@9= Tomahawk - 4,7,8,10,14 - Anonymous

Mr. Bungle - Egg - S/T
Faith No More - War Pigs - Live At The Brixton Academy
Dub Trio - Not Alone - New Heavy
Dub Trio - Angel of Acceptance - New Heavy
Messer Chups - Anton La Vey 66.6 FM - Crazy Price
Faith No More - Falling To Pieces - The Real Thing
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Are You Down With It? - White People

Church of the Subgenius - HOS # 1108

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