July, no lie, you like?

This evening's experiment is led by Bad Sister Heidi, who is feeling bad and funky and electrofied...Father Angus types and shoves music in the mix when he can, and the Reverend Velveteen is expected at any moment.

Your body will feel as though it's been to an orgy, and your mind will feel as though it's had that long shower afterward.

Stephanie Rearick - In the Rain - Democracy
Golden Smog - Starman - Blood on the Slacks
The Noisettes - Cannot Even (Break Free) - What's the Time, Mr. Wolf?
Modern English - Waves (When I Cum) - Everything's Mad
The Shaky Hands - We Will Rise - The Shaky Hands
They Might Be Giants - With the Dark - The Else
Je Suis France - 101 Miles and Runnin' - Afrikan Majik
The Teeth - Walk Like a Clown - You're My Lover Now
zibrazibra - Lions on the Astroturf - 777
Von Südenfed - Serious Brainskin - Tromatic Reflexxions
Secret Mommy - Kool Aid River - Plays
Electric Laser People - Disco3000 - Straight Talk on Raising Kids
!!! - Myth Takes - Myth Takes

New Disks at Nine:

Betty Davis - tracks - 1, 5, 6 -
Betty Davis
Bruce Haack - tracks 1, 10, 12 - The Electric Lucifer
Mink - Pills - Mink
Human Aftertaste - White Man's Voodoo - White Man's Voodoo
The Stooges - Free & Freaky - The Weirdness
John Doe - Lean Out Your Window - A Year in the Wilderness
Hour of Slack #1104

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