May be, May be not...

Tonight's experiment is conducted by the Reverend Velveteen and Father Angus. The cards have been shuffled but not thrown; the yarrow stalks, though divided and placed between fingers, have not been reckoned; the stars and planets, dance and whirl though they may, have not been fit within an ephemeris. Yet. Stick around and you'll see what your fortune is.

Stephanie Rearick - Across the Universe - Democracy
Tuxedomoon - A Home Away - 20 Ways to Float Through Walls
Subvocal - Something Here That's Gone - demo recording
Subvocal - Opium - demo recording
Little Aida - Sleep Machine - Mad Country
Eagles of Death Metal - Already Died - Peace Love Death Metal
Dungen - Mon Amour - Tio Bitar

New Disk at Nine:
Balkan Beat Box - tracks 3, 4, 5 - Nu-Med

Kocani Orkestar vs. SeƱor Coconut - Usti, Usti Baba -
20 Ways to Float Through Walls
Screamin Cyn Cyn and the Pons - Pedro's - Screamin Target Heart Rate
Jefferson Airplane - Crown of Creation - Sweeping Up the Spotlight: Live at the Fillmore East 1969
Moby Grape - Omaha - Listen My Friends! The Best of Moby Grape
Je Suis France - 101 Miles and Running - Afrikan Majik
The Gomers - Headrush - Sofa King Good

Hour of Slack #1097

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