April is the coolest month. F*** you, T.S. Eliot.

This evening's show starts out with an interview with Joseph Arthur and Kraig Jarret Johnson of The Lonely Astronauts and will be veering into bluesesque territory subsequently. Enjoy! If you can handle it, that is.

The Lonely Astronauts
- Spacemen - Let's Just Be
The Lonely Astronauts - Good Life - Let's Just Be
Captain Beefheart - Well - Trout Mask Replica
The Spiritualaires of Hurtsboro, Alabama - I'm Going to Tell On You - Singing Songs of Praise
Tom Waits - What Keeps Mankind Alive? - The Music of Kurt Weill
Gogol Bordello - Underdog World Strike - Gypsy Punks
The Detroit Cobras - Nothing but a Heart Ache - Tied and True
Adrian Sherwood - Forgive Yourself - Become a Cliché
Little Axe - tracks 4, 7, 10 - Stone Cold Ohio
Hazmat Modine - tracks 2 , 3, 13, - Bahamut
Lorenzo's Music - I'm Doing Fine - Jam Packed
The White Stripes - Icky Thump - Icky Thump
Goober and The Peas - Moanin' - The Jet-Age Genius of Goober and The Peas
The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Man - The Weirdness (vinyl LP, haha)
The Black Keys - Strange Desire - Magic Potion
SSM - The Seer - SSM
HOS #1091

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