Get back on the horse...and ride.

Okay, it's time we get back on our horse, Experiment, and ride it back to the ol' monkey board. Yeehaw!

Tonight the experiment was driven by Reverend Velveteen and Bad Sister Heidi. We were particularly influenced by the Reverend's trip to Memphis for New Years, and the wonderful Leslie & The Ly's show on Tuesday night. Man, she rocked the house and is one hot momma to boot.

Mavis Staples - Respect Yourself - Soul Comes Home
Carl Sims - I Wanna Do Wrong With You - Ecko Records Sampler 2005
R.L. Burnside - Well, Well, Well -Raw Electric 79-80
Jean Knight - Mr. BIg Stuff - Soul Comes Home
Cat Power - Could We - The Greatest
The Junkers - That's Why I Take Pills - Hunker Down
Blue Hawaiians - Hot Rods to Honolulu - Live at the Lava Lounge, Vol. 2
Asylum St. Spankers - Pakalolo Baby - Spanker Madness
Truckstop Honeymoon - Waffle House Booth - Delivery Boy
The Wilders - Night Train To Memphis -
The Fiery Furnaces - The Wayward Granddaughter - Rehearsing the Choir

ND@9 - Leslie & the Ly's - 1,2,4,6,7,9, 10, 11,12,13 - Gold Pants

Brother Cleve - School for Robots - Dimension Mix
The GO! Team - The Power is On - Thunder, Lightning, Strike!
Bling Kong - Bling Kong Girls - Do the Awesome!
Robo Sapien - Circus - S/T
Har Mar Superstar - I Admit - S/T
The Set Ups - Through Being Cool - Not Beautiful...but Mutated: Devo Tribute
The Punk Group - That's Good - " "
That's Good - The Punk Group - Not Necessarily Beautiful...but Mutated

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