SlackSheet Calendar of Music & Cool Events!

SlackSheet PSYCHOACOUSTICS CALENDAR of Fine Rock & Performances, Exhibitions, & Things That Fit

This isn’t intended to be a complete calendar of area events, but rather a select compilation of listings we have deemed of interest and importance to our listeners. If you think your show deserves the Psychoacoustics stamp of approval, please email us at psychoacousticsradio@myspace.com or submit your listing or flyer as a comment on our site. Get off your ass, go out and support live music – you’ll enjoy it, and the performers will really appreciate it!


12/12/2009 FREQY HOUR: ICARUS HIMSELF, The Alpha Centauri, Fishhooks 5:30 PM, 21+ Frequency

12TH 7p-12am, ART PEDALER: “art celebrating the bicycle” [1 night only] at Revolution Cycles. Prints, photos, sculpture, paintings, jewelry, accessories from 20+ local artists including Dorla Mayer, Mess Hall Press, Colm McCarthy, John Miller, Cricket Redman, Angela Richardson, Leah Stargardter & GP Watson. Proceeds to MESS HALL PRESS, Goodman Center’s screen printing program for teens. Attendees encouraged to bring food items for GOODMAN COMMUNITY CENTER FOOD PANTRY. DJ MoPetto will spin tunes. BYOB.

12/12 7 & 9 pm FOUND FOOTAGE FILM FEST V! Hosts: Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, Stoughton natives, whose credits include The Onion and the Late Show with David Letterman, are excited to present their brand-new lineup of found video clips and live comedy on Saturday, Dec. 12th at 7 and 9 p.m. at The Orpheum Theatre (216 State St.). Tickets are $10 and are available via www.tinyurl.com/FFFMSN or at the box office. Among the new clips to be featured in the 2009-2010 program:
-An English language instructional program from Austin public access TV
-A collection of the worst Saturday morning cartoons ever to turn up on VHS
-Highlights from a 1987 video dating reel found by David Cross
-A home movie from a forgettable heavy metal festival in suburban Washington, D.C.
-A brand-new compilation of exercise videos featuring Dolph Lundgren, Milton Berle, & WWF’s Bushwhackers

12/12 7pm STEPHANIE REARICK LIVE WEBCAST SHOW, Karabis Apts Community Room, 201 S. Park

12/12 7:30pm EZZETTINO!! [Mke. ‘folky-polky’], Paper Umbrellas [Meg + Laura of Little Red Wolf], Shane Shane [‘gayer than your wildest dreams!] Project Lodge, all ages

12/12 10pm B'dum B'dum (Buzzcocks tribute) w/ Seven Stone Weaklings, Mickey’s, 21+ FREE

12/12/2009 CHARLEMAGNE w/ The Hemlines, Vid Libert 10 PM, 21+, $5 * The Frequency

12/13 THE BRAT BOOK release party [Freqy bartenders write about cooking brats] 5:30 PM, 21+, Frequency

12/13 5:30-9pm RAINBOW BOOKSTORE’S 20TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION, music by Jim Schwall and the Bonobo Secret Handshake. Harmony Bar.

12/13 8:30pm STEPHANIE REARICK + JEFF MITCHELL, Frequency [lonesomegallery.com for info]

12/14 9:30 pm-12:30 am MARQUES BOVRE & SODANGYANG, Crystal Corner Bar, 21+, free

12/17 9p MERCURY PLAYERS THEATER BENEFIT Shabelles, Apologists, Foxy Veronica’s Peach Pies HNS

Sa 12/19 6:30-8:30 pm UNDERCULTURE, SEVEN STONE WEAKLINGS Happy Hour, High Noon Saloon

12/19 7p Male, Rabid Rabbit, All Tiny Creatures. Project Lodge theprojectlodge.com all ages BYO(shh)

12/19 9:30pm 4 DEMENTIONS ART SHOW. Performing: Samwell Rowan, The Mighty Joe White w/ Brota, & Eli August. Exhibiting Artists: Joe Price(Helliphant), Travis Soumis(published works w/H.R. Giger), Joe Reedy (The Wake & Human Head fame) & Brota. The Annex 18+

Sat. Dec. 19 10 pm TRASH OFF between The Arkoffs and Fist City Mickey’s, 21+ FREE

12/20 9:30p NOEL'S BDAY w/Antiprism(metal)Willful Mental Decay(hardcore)Wife(Metal)Frequency

12/21/2009 THE DAN POTACKE SHOW w/ TBA 6:30 PM, 21+, FREE * The Frequency
12/21/2009 FUNKY MONDAYS with the CLYDE STUBBLEFIELD SHOW 9:30 PM, 21+ Frequency
12/28/2009 FUNKY MONDAYS with the CLYDE STUBBLEFIELD SHOW 9:30 PM, 21+, $5 * Frequency


Sa 1/2 9pm DEAD MAN’S CARNIVAL, music, magic, escapism, sideshows, burlesque, zombies, comedy! Costumes encouraged. High Noon Saloon
Fri 1/8/10 6pm SLAPPY HOUR Elvis's/David Bowie's birthday - Seven Stone Weaklings, Gomers + 16mm film & vintage commercials, hosted by CELEBU-STARS! - Frequency
Fri 1/22/10 6pm SLAPPY HOUR EL DONK + cartoons and vintage commercials Frequency
1/23 8 PM YO LA TENGO, Barrymore
1/28 SUNDANCE MINI FILM FEST Joan Jett in ‘The Runaways,’ more, Sundance Cinemas

Fri 2/12 SLAPPY HOUR fOLKSCHINKER (a Shinky project) + cartoons, vintage commercials Frequency
Feb 19-21, 2010 MADTOWN KINKFEST [hotel takeover] Details at madtownkinkfest.com
2/26/10 6PM MOTOR PRIMITIVES + cartoons and vintage commercials Frequency

Just announced:
4/9 9 pm FILTH II – Bigger. Louder. Dirtier. Art, performance & music show, Inferno, 21+ [natch!]
May 28-31 SHIBARICON, in Chicago. [shibaricon.com for info]

All ages, underground venues in Madison:
- Attic show #1: 212 S. Henry St., Madison, Wisc.
- Get Bent Press on 1814 S. Park
- Gnarlyhaus on E. Johnson [2637] 608-669-8908
- Good Style Shop E. Wash
- Kiki’s House of Righteous Music, 1326 MacArthur Rd. Madison WI 53714
- The Nottingham Co-op, Iota Court at Langdon St.
- Project Lodge, 817 East Johnson Street
- Revolution Cycles on Atwood
- The Snake Pit [15 N. Franklin St]
- Subvert City [ 817 Dane St, 53713 off S. Park and Taylor St. at Drake Ave, just west of Vilas Ave.]
Not all ages, but has lots of ‘underground’ shows: Wisco on Willy St., Glass Nickel on Atwood

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